Nov 16, 2011

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Guide: SIMPLE 500 Series Volume 2: Escape from a Locked Room

Guide: SIMPLE 500 Series Volume 2: Escape from a Locked Room

With something so simple as escaping a locked room, who would need help? Well, with so many random and abstract thing required to exit, I got your back with a nuts-and-bolts guide to every puzzle. Some details, like direction, have been left out, but this will give you a great idea how to do everything.


Room 1:

  1. Get the bag out of the fridge.
  2. Collect the sandal, metal string, and back scratcher.
  3. Use the metal string to open the vases’ door, then grab it.
  4. Go back to the fridge and collect the bottom tray.
  5. Look at the heater-like object, and click the bottom right.
  6. Obtain the battery, then insert it in the slot.
  7. Go to your items’ list and click the inside of the vase. This will prompt you to combine it with the water.
  8. Place that item on top of the heater/oven, and this will boil the water.
  9. Turn the sandal around to find a 100-yen coin. Click the coin, then place it in the water.
  10. Look at the coin again, but this time, you can collect it.
  11. Use it on the massage chair, then push the up button.
  12. This will give you a key, which goes in the safe.
  13. Open the safe for a sticky ball.
  14. Combine this with the back scratcher.
  15. Open the window and use the new item to pick up the key.
  16. Enter the following digits, “315,” then use the key to open the door.
  17. Escaped.


Room 2:

  1. Collect the pink-colored liquid-soap bottle.
  2. Apply this to the circular window to head outside.
  3. Turn around and collect the brown egg.
  4. Back out and look at the locked door with a key pad.
  5. Enter every key but 2 and 6 to open it.
  6. Grab the rifle, then exit.
  7. Look at the mountain of barrels. There will be a different one to the top right. Select it and collect the scope.
  8. Combine the rifle with the scope.
  9. Distance yourself from the window and shoot the deer.
  10. Head back outside to get the antler.
  11. Go back into the keypad room and use the antler to activate the machine.
  12. Once there’s a puddle by the broken pipe, turn it off.
  13. Put the egg in the water.
  14. This will turn it white if done right.
  15. Put the white egg in the open pipe, then reactivate the machine.
  16. Exit out and select the small door way in the bath house. NOTE: This will only work correctly if you have nothing equipped.
  17. Escape.


Room 3:

  • Before you enter the room, there will be a pipe minigame. To complete the minigame, alternate sides, but once they get really high, click the middle a few times. If done right, this should allow you to pass and unlock a trophy. You will restart here if you die, though!


  1. Collect the red object under the TV, clipboard under the cabinet, rice balls on the pillow, and the silly glasses off the kappa mask.
  2. Look at the back of the clipboard to find red cellophane.
  3. Apply this to the glasses to make them 3D.
  4. Look around for a room with pink feet.
  5. Open the door, then pick up the gun.
  6. Look at the heater/oven (as seen in room 1) and click the top right.
  7. Keep clicking till you collect an oil container.
  8. Combine this with the red object found under the TV.
  9. Click the chair the woman is in to kick her down.
  10. Open the slot on her butt to use the oil container on her.
  11. Put her back in the chair with the thing over her head.
  12. Return the oil to the heater/oven.
  13. Look at your items bringing up the gun. Spin it around, then pull the trigger. Surprise! It’s a lighter.
  14. Use the lighter on the oven.
  15. Put the rice balls on the oven to cook them.
  16. Take the cooked rice and insert it in the TV dial slot.
  17. Put on your 3D glasses.
  18. Select the channel A (it will point slightly to the left) and push the top-most button.
  19. Look at the information above the TV and click the buttons in order of the channels.
  20. You should hear a chime each time you do this correctly.
  21. On the last channel, you should collect a super-powered figure.
  22. Use the figure on the lion’s figure to stop the water.
  23. Look at the left-most fang and break it off.
  24. Turn it around to find a key.
  25. Use the key on the left door by the pink woman to open it.
  26. Get in the machine and pull the lever.
  27. You should transfer into the pink woman and have the power to just use the door.
  28. Open the door.
  29. Escape.


Stage 4:

Part 1 :

    1. Push R1 till you get in a room.
    2. Collect the drill, keycard in the drawer, and the fan by pushing the button next to it.
    3. Combine the drill with the fan.
    4. Switch the drill direction (via the slider), and use this to push the stickers out of the drain.
    5. Apply the sticker to the keycard.
    6. Head up the latter using the keycard to unlock a number pad.
    7. Type in “1579″ and exit.
    8. Save (start > 2nd option).

Part 2:

    1. Look at the wrecked room and collect the lighter gun.
    2. Head into the dining room and look at the small ridge under the pot.
    3. Collect the fuel inside and exit.
    4. Go up to the room under the giant fish.
    5. Collect the key on the wall, then exit.
    6. Go up to the fish room.
    7. Put the fuel under the fish, then light it.
    8. Go above the fish into the women’s bath.
    9. Get the key on the floor, then exit.
    10. Go down a floor, then exit the first room to the left.
    11. Use the key you just got to enter.
    12. Watch the cutscene, then head upstairs.
    13. Move to the right and they will let you pass.
    14. Go into the first room to the left and pick up wooden circle things (they let you walk on water).
    15. Go back into the ladies’ bath.
    16. Use the wooden circle things and click on the door.
    17. Open the door with the key you got in step 9.
    18. Collect your body.
    19. Save (start > 2nd option) if you get caught, you automatically lose!
    20. Head back to where you started and you will go back into your body.
    21. Go back to the floor under the soldiers and enter the first room. You should collect a padlock under the table.
    22. Exit and find a room below you with a bunch of boxes.
    23. Go to that room then apply the padlock to the door.
    24. Look for a black shirt on the right side and click it.
    25. Pick up the lighter and exit.
    26. Go to the first elevator you can get to and save.
    27. Enter the elevator.


Part 3:

    1. Collect the spoon and then look at the metal plate on the ground.
    2. Look at the carts’ wheels and use the spoon to remove them.
    3. Get the bowl on top of the cart, then put it on the metal plate.
    4. Look at the circuit board and use the spoon to remove the door.
    5. Put the door in the missing cart slot.
    6. Use the lighter gun to activate the sprinklers.
    7. Head out the door, then burn the wooden box.
    8. Pull down the right-most lever only, then head back in.
    9. Push R, then 1.
    10. Head back up and pull the lever again.
    11. The elevator will head up.
    12. Collect the axe and the random rag.
    13. Break the wall with the axe.
    14. Save (start > 2nd option). Based off your speed so far, you will get one of two trophies. If you’re following this guide you should get here with more than enough time. Finish the game and review the endings. If you get “true” this save will help you a lot.
    15. Use the lighter on the trees, then enter.
    16. Push circles between two X’s, then move the X back over it.
    17. This should change the circle into an X.
    18. Repeat this for every circle but the one that should be in the middle.
    19. Exit the elevator and head to the main console.
    20. If you think you did this SUPER FAST and will get true ending, then save the game. If you think you will need to redo this part DO NOT save.
    21. Click on the right- or left-most X’s to move them down.
    22. This will turn the circle into an X and the elevator will fall (if you do this inside the elevator you will die/fail).
    23. Escape.



There are two endings in this game and each will give you a trophy. You unlock the true end by beating the elevator quickly. If you get an ending where it leads to the start of the game, then that’s the normal ending. If you get something else, it’s the true ending. If you made a save at the control panel and got the true ending, just let the game sit, then finish. If you didn’t get the true ending and can’t with the save, just redo the level. Since you know all the puzzles, it should be fast.