Nov 4, 2011

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Sony to Cut PSP and PS3 Content Activations

Sony to Cut PSP and PS3 Content Activations

While PS3 and PSP owners currently enjoy an activation limit of five systems for their digital content, Sony will soon be cutting this number in the interest of copyright protection. After November 18, PSP and PS3 games purchased on the PlayStation Store can only be activated on two different systems. Any game purchased before November 18 will still allow five activations.

The ability to activate and play games on up to five different systems is a convenient feature. Gamers and journalists sometimes play on multiple systems or like to carry their digital goods over to a friend’s house. The cut from five to two activations is certainly drastic, but Sony is working to make the change as convenient as possible. A game can be deactivated through any system, and an easy-to-use website will be set up that allows users to handle all of their activations in one place.

At least we’ve still got two activations. This change won’t greatly affect me, but it’s definitely sad to see that magic number five leave.  I’m curious to see how the PlayStation Vita fits into the equation, and whether some content might be made playable on all three devices (PS3, PSP, and Vita).

Sound off in the comments with your thoughts and concerns. Will this change greatly affect your gaming lifestyle?