Nov 3, 2011

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XSEED Games Announces Release Date For Corpse Party On PSP

XSEED Games Announces Release Date For Corpse Party On PSP

Back in September, we shared the news of XSEED Games obtaining the rights for Japanese cult horror hit, Corpse Party. Today, they have announced that Corpse Party will be making its way onto the PSN on November 22. The price tag for this adventure horror title will only set interested gamers back $19.99.

Corpse Party, originally developed by GrisGris in Japan and adapted by 5pb for the PSP, tells a tale of a groupf of high school students as they are trapped within the confines of an elementary school. One that had bared witness to a horrific series of murders occurred decades ago. Traversing the halls of the school while suffering the psychological onslaught brought on by the ghouls left to roam the same halls, players have to reach the one true ending for each chapter and avoid the many “wrong ends” which sound to be very unpleasant and frightful.  Only by following the correct actions will players survive the terrors of Heavenly Host Elementary.

Featuring retro-styled 2D graphics with gruesomely-detailed hand-drawn artwork, Corpse Party also takes advantage of 3D audio to bring the game’s terrifying environment directly into the player’s ears. To get a glimpse at character bios and download some hauntingly nice wallpapers, visit the official website.

[Source: XSEED Games]