Nov 3, 2011

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Square to Hold “Winter of RPGs” on PSN

Square to Hold “Winter of RPGs” on PSN

After a slight fiasco that caused a delay in the release of Chrono Trigger on the PlayStation Store, Square Enix is rebounding with a campaign to bring classic RPGs to PS3 gamers. Final Fantasy VI, announced as a digital release alongside Chrono Trigger, is among these games. PS3 owners will be able to download the following in the coming weeks, during the “Winter of RPGs”:

  • Chrono Cross - November 8
  • Final Fantasy V - November 22
  • Final Fantasy V - December 8

No pricing has yet been revealed, but it’s safe to assume these titles will run you anywhere from $5.99 to $9.99.

Sound off in the comments if you’re excited to relive some RPG goodness this holiday season.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]