Nov 3, 2011

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Joe Danger Coming To XBLA

Joe Danger Coming To XBLA

The PSN hit Joe Danger is making it’s way to the XBLA during the holidays.  This is one of the rare occasions where Microsoft is okay with releasing a former PSN exclusive on their service.  European Xbox boss Chris Lewis said that they’re “not too keen” on releasing a downloadable if it happened to release on PSN first.

Hello Games’ Joe Danger was praised by reviewers earning an 86 from metacritic.  The XBLA version of Joe Danger will have additions like new characters and environments.  Possibly the greatest new feature is the Laboratory, described as a “test-tube of gameplay bubbling away,” and reminiscent of Timesplitters’ Challenge mode.

A sequel, called Joe Danger: The Movie, is set to release on multiple platforms, but not before the XBLA special edition of the first title releases.

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