Oct 27, 2011

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[Updated] Rock of Ages for PC celebrates Halloween with 25% off sale, new themed content!

Correction: The jack-o’-lantern ball is not limited to use only during the Halloween sale but will be able from here on out.

Halloween is drawing near. Atlus and ACE Team announced today that to celebrate the upcoming holiday, the Steam-exclusive PC version of Rock of Ages will be available at a limited-time only discount. Not only are they offering a discount but also some Halloween-themed additions to the game.

Those who haven’t yet picked up this “balls-to-the-wall” tower defense title should take advantage of the 25% discount that will only be available until Halloween. Players who sign into the game at any time during this discount will be treated with specially themed content such as an updated title screen and a jack-o’-lantern boulder. But those will disappear into the night when the discount ends.

Rock of Ages has received numerous praises including “must-have download” and “worth playing for the sense of disbelief that results.” Currently available on the PC and Xbox 360, PS3 owners will have to wait until later this year to get the chance to experience this graphically stunning title.

[Source: Atlus]

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