Oct 27, 2011

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“First-Edition” PS Vita Bundle Available A Week Early

“First-Edition” PS Vita Bundle Available A Week Early

PS Vita First Edition Bundle with Little Deviants

Sony has offered relief to those who cannot bear the wait until February 22nd to take home their PlayStation Vita. The PS Vita first-edition bundle is available through pre-order at select locations in the U.S. and Canada for those wishing to have the system in their hands by February 15. Both U.S. and Canadian bundles include a limited edition case, a 4GB PS Vita memory card, and the game Little Deviants. The U.S. bundle, which supports both 3G and Wi-Fi, comes at a slightly higher price point ($349.99) than its Canadian counterpart, which includes a Wi-Fi only device ($299.99).

The bundled game, Little Deviants, hosts a number of mini-games that take full advantage of the PS Vita’s features, including the six-axis motion sensors, touch screen, rear touch panel, camera, and microphone. The mini-games allow players a chance to familiarize themselves with the new functions of the PS Vita, as well as its augmented reality capabilities. If cute little monsters and interactive mini-games sound like a snooze fest, the system also includes a number of pre-loaded applications and an internet browser.

The bundle’s biggest selling point? Getting our grubby little paws on the PS Vita before our friends do.

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