Oct 25, 2011

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Battlefield 3 is Getting off to a Rough Start

Battlefield 3 is Getting off to a Rough Start

Battlefield 3 released today and while this highly anticipated title has been receiving high praise from critics, it has also seen a good amount of online issues. Usually these types of issues are expected on launch dates for smaller titles, but not for a big AAA title that has been hyped up since almost the beginning of the year. So far today there have been many complaints of being booted from the game and then ultimately the servers went down for almost two hours.

The 360 servers seemed to have been hit the hardest, with servers being down completely for two hours, while other platforms (PC, PS3) saw sporadic server issues. They acknowledged the issue via Battlefield’s official twitter page, however they weren’t able to tell gamers when the servers were back up.

Thankfully a few hours later 360 gamers were back in the action, but that didn’t mean everything was fine.  Gamers continued to mention issues with joining games with a Squad, switching Squads, creating private Squads in-game and a few gamers were still seeing sporadic disconnects (this was across all platforms). Gamers were also noticing quite a few bugs, like being able to lay prone and go through the wall and occasionally getting stuck in the environment. Other complaints included how Squads were handled in Team Deathmatch along with the “random” spawns in those maps that caused a lot of spawn killing.

Even when reading various reviews for the game, a few critics noted Battlefield 3’s various bugs within the multiplayer modes. While some of those bugs are annoying, nothing is more annoying than having your squad split-up when joining a game. DICE will be shutting down the servers for a short period of time tonight in hopes to fix some matchmaking issues. Meanwhile if have a complaint or want to offer feedback, you should head over to the Battlelog Forums and post your comments in the Feedback and Support thread. To be fair Bad Company 2 had it’s share of disconnection issues along with Modern Warfare 2, which then carried over to Black Ops. That said, BC 2 still had the most stable multiplayer so hopefully DICE can recreate that with a few fixes here and there.

I should get some more time with the game tomorrow and I will try to keep everyone updated if there continues to be matchmaking issues.

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