Oct 24, 2011

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Saving Private Spider Review

Saving Private Spider Review

Granted that in the war between flies and spiders, I side with neither. Spiders are great for getting those pesky flies, but the same spiders creep me out. With White Zebra’s iOS title Saving Private Spider, gamers are tasked with helping two spiders in their mission to rescue all their spider pals. Does this game have the power to keep kids entertained? Keep reading to find out more.

The story is simple: The flies have had enough of their predators, the spiders, and decide that it is time to take action. You find out that they have locked up all but two spiders, whom might have been in hiding. These two spiders must work together and combine their cunning minds to traverse across each puzzle, nabbing flies and saving their fellow spiders. But those flies aren’t going down without a fight, they placed some safeguards like electricity and weak nails to throw the heroic spiders off their game.

The artwork is nothing fancy. The graphics are cartoonish but it does work for the game. The spiders, flies, and surroundings are vivid in color. This is to be expected as Saving Private Spider takes advantage of the Retina display support. Each of the four locations vary in color themes and designs. The music is catchy and kids will likely hum along with it.

As Saving Private Spider is supposed to be a game geared for kids, I was a bit surprised at how some of the levels later on in the game gave me some trouble. They start out as easy tutorial-like levels aimed to show you how to move the spiders from nail to nail. Each location adds to the perils/bonuses you can hit as you make your way to the caged spider. There is no time limit which is helpful. However, the spiders can only take so many hits by the electrical bugs before it is game over.  The gameplay is innovative with the use of tilt control to swing the spiders from one nail post to another. You have to gage how far to tilt the screen and which way to rotate it without hitting one of the dangers in each level.

Saving Private Spider isn’t a long game. Once you get good at manuevering the spiders with the tilt controls, you’ll blow right through the game. However, the ability to replay each level in order to get all the stars does offer a good amount of gameplay. This might not be a game that gamers will play non-stop, but it is one for those who like to play in short bursts.

Overall, Saving Private Spider is a fun title. I know that, despite a few times of getting stuck on a few levels, it was enjoyable even for my kids. For the price (free), it is definitely worth a play.

Saving Private Spider
Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (reviewed)
Genre: Adventure
Release Date:
Developer: White Zebra
Publisher: Avallon Alliance Ltd.
ESRB Rating: 4+
MSRP: Free