Oct 24, 2011

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New Insomniac IP In The Works?

New Insomniac IP In The Works?

Insomniac made a lot of fanboys mad when it announced its intention to go multiplatform with its next game, Overstrike.  From recent trademark filings made by the company however, it appears Overstrike is not the only new IP that may be in development by the company.

Insomniac filed trademarks for two names, Space Beasts and Galaxy Beasts, with the filings being good for video games software and online games.  While it is possible that these indicate two different games, the project could be so early in development that Insomniac has not decided which name to use.

Since the project is still so early and Insomniac has yet to make any announcements regarding the game, it is unclear whether this is an exclusive title for any platform.

[Source: Siliconera]