Oct 21, 2011

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Diablo III’s Ultimate Edition Revealed

Diablo III’s Ultimate Edition Revealed

Revealed at Blizzcon today, Diablo III‘s Ultimate Edition is absolutely packed with extras.  As far as what will be in the package, players will find; an art book, the official soundtrack, a DVD and blu-ray Behind the Scenes feature, a 4GB USB Soulstone flash drive, Diablo skull and the game.  In-game, players will have access to Aesthetic artifacts, a World of Warcraft Pet Fetish Shaman and Starcraft II Battlenet Portraits.

Blizzard failed to give a price for the set, but given all of the extras, $149.99 would be a good guess.  There currently is no firm release date for Diablo III but will be released exclusively to the PC.

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