Oct 20, 2011

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UPDATE: Professor Layton and the Last Specter Faces Supply Issues

UPDATE: Professor Layton and the Last Specter Faces Supply Issues

UPDATE: As of this morning, it seems as if both Amazon and Toys R Us now have The Last Specter available for order. Best Buy is still showing it as being backordered, but you might find a copy in-store. Kmart is also still out of stock. Good to see this supply shortage was relatively short lived!

ORIGINAL STORY: Yesterday, we reported on the fact that Amazon is no longer accepting pre-orders for the Skyward Sword bundle.  Today, after some investigation, it seems as if Nintendo is having supply issues with the latest of Layton’s adventures as well.

Those of you who pre-ordered (or hoped to pick up a copy of The Last Specter this week) may have discovered the game is backordered almost everywhere.  Even those who pre-ordered from Amazon have gotten notices that the game isn’t expected until the end of the month at the earliest (although you can apparently purchase the game from a marketplace seller at a premium).  Best Buy and Toys R US also list the game as backordered online (and unavailable in-store), and Gamestop won’t allow you to order online, although I was able to track down a copy at a few of their locations. NewEgg shows the game in stock; Target originally had the game on backorder but recently changed it to in stock as well (online only). Kmart is showing the game as unavailable, while Walmart has the game available online.

Considering that the series is immensely popular (over 12 million copies sold worldwide) and the official release date was Sunday (October 16), it’s very unusual that copies have been so hard to find, and that even pre-orders aren’t being filled on time.

I’ve approached Nintendo for comment on the issue, but so far haven’t received a response.

Have any of you experienced problems getting a copy of The Last Specter?