Oct 19, 2011

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EA Reveals Over 5 Million Gamers Use Origin Daily

EA Reveals Over 5 Million Gamers Use Origin Daily

Today EA revealed to Gamasutra that over five million gamers use Origin on a daily basis. The digital game distribution service launched four months and seemed to be an unpopular service right out of the gates. Of course most of that was due to the backlash from EA announcing it wouldn’t be releasing Battlefield 3 on Steam. Still it seems like the “angry mob” was only a minority if in fact there are that many users using Origin every day.
Peter Moore explained that had this to say about these numbers:

“Like any piece of software, and I worked at Microsoft for enough years to say this, you launch software and continue to polish it, upgrade it, get feedback and make it better,” he explained. “That’s where we are with Origin. We’re only four and a half months in and already over five million people are using it on a daily basis.”

Last month EA said they had a total of four million installs of the client. EA’s CFO Eric Brown also revealed to Gamasutra that 3rd party games will be available on Origin “very soon.” As of now the service only provides EA games for sale, something that will have to change if they want to compete with Steam.

As I’ve said before, if a company wants to come in and compete with the powerhouse that is Steam, than we should welcome it. Many people were upset about having to use Origin to play Battlefield 3, but if people use the service and provide feedback to EA instead of getting upset and boycotting the game, it might become a service that will be just as good or better than Steam. Competition is good for gamers, if this pushes Steam to improve on their current service than we win. If EA turns Origin into something close to Steam, than we win again. It might be annoying to have to manage so many download clients but in my opinion it’s worth it, if it means the competition will push the industry forward.

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