Oct 18, 2011

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Madden 12 Patch 1.02 is Now Live

Madden 12 Patch 1.02 is Now Live

The second title update for Madden NFL 12 is now live and aims to fix quite a few issues. The 36 MB patch addresses some Custom Playbook bugs, a few gameplay AI fixes that were causing exploits, some MUT exploits, fixed some commentary bugs, and finally they fixed a few online matchmaking issues. Here’s the entire 1.02 patch details:

Custom Playbooks

  • Fixed an issue where newly added sets would create their own formation category instead of grouping them in the same Set and Formation they were being added to. This should reduce some clutter in your playbooks going forward.
  • Fixed rare issue where some placeholder text would show up if you removed the last play for all game situations.
  • Fixed an issue where gameplans that had 0 plays in them would cause players to bundle together on the field. This was always avoidable by not setting 0 plays in your gameplan, but in the future this is prevented.
  • Fixed an issue in Madden Ultimate Team where your Ultimate Team playbook would get replaced with your default playbook (per your “My Settings”).
  • Unfortunately, every year there are players that simply look for Exploits in the game and then use them in online head-to-head matches. We’ve been actively monitoring and cleaning up the leaderboards of clear egregious exploiters. We’ve also fixed bugs that allowed Exploits to happen.
  • Similar to an issue above, users could create a gameplan with 0 plays, which would then cause players to bundle up at the line of scrimmage and force an encroachment on the defense. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where users could pause the game in a specific situaiton, and cause a lock up to occur. When the other player left the game the other would get a win.


  • (Cover 4) – Safeties with Inside Deep ¼ zone drop back instead of read-n-react on Run plays.
  • If the CPU tries to run down the play clock (late in halves) and runs an auto-motion play, they will not start the play early enough or hike the ball before the play clock expires as the player is still in motion.
  • Tuned down the frequency to block field goals by users running off the edge.
  • When a two-point conversion is booth reviewed and ruled no good, the game clock will run while selecting a play on kickoff.
  • Fixed issue when teams ran a QB Sneak the QB would get a speed burst.
  • Fixed issue when a user aims the L-Stick in any direction and pump fakes (using RB/R1 defenders in a QA Spy assignment) that will immediately blitz the QB, leaving defensive assignments.
  • Fixed issue where live balls on muffed punts that are recovered in the end zone were resulting in a touchback rather than a safety.

Madden Ultimate Team

  • Fixed an issue where users were awarded coins when their friends quit out of a head-to-head game.
  • Fixed a situation where user with a maxed out deck could get locked up in the My Trades screen.
  • Fixed issue where previous MUT fans could not earn the “This one is easy” achievement/trophy for creating their MUT team in Madden NFL 12.
  • Removed an exploit where a MUT player grieve another player through encroachments and other penalties but not lose contract time from their players. They would also receive coins.

General Issues

  • Fixed several of the most common crashes and online disconnection issues for both platforms.
  • Optimized performance in “Play Now” team select to prevent slow down/hitching when scrolling teams
  • Improved the online leaderboards to be more accurate.
  • Fixed several issues with commentary and PA.
  • Addressed issue where users with large amounts of save data sometimes could not get into online head-to-head games.
  • Lowered the frequency of rain games in Franchise Mode.
  • Improved the field’s texture on PS3.
  • The ‘recent games’ section for head-to-head games uses the wrong colors for winner & loser. This issue has been addressed.
  • Fixed issue where a user only appears as online in the Communities Member List if they’re inside the community feature.
  • Fixed issue where in Franchise, editing a player will remove their player roles.
  • Fixed issue where when the maximum number of entrants for a room has been reached, after a user leaves the room, they’ll be taken to a new room when they try to reenter it.
  •  Fixed import draft class bug where kickers and punters were being drafted in the top 10.
Seems like they fixed quite a bit, but the overall issue with the game can’t be fixed with a patch. It is good to see them tweaking some AI issues, especially on defense, but there are still a lot of offensive line blocking bugs and they still have yet to address the DB’s inability to catch a ball thrown directly at them. Maybe we’ll see that in title update #3.
[Source: Patch Details via Madden blog]