Oct 17, 2011

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New Wii Bundle Arrives Sunday

New Wii Bundle Arrives Sunday

For those interested in a Wii this holiday season, but who want something different than the current Mario Kart bundle, Nintendo is releasing something new. This new bundle will be available in black only, and will include a copy of New Super Mario Bros Wii, a Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack CD, plus a black Wii Remote Plus and nunchuck controllers. The new bundle will be available starting October 23 for $149.99.

One important difference between this Wii and all the ones that came before it is this model will not play Gamecube games, and it can’t be set up on its side (as pictured only). Personally, I find it a bit boggling that Nintendo would release a model with less features for the same price as the fully featured model, since both bundles will continue to be sold. Perhaps Nintendo is hoping to phase out the backwards compatible cousin after the holidays?

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