Oct 14, 2011

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New South Park Game Announced for XBLA

New South Park Game Announced for XBLA

South Park games have been pretty sub-par throughout history dating back to the Playstation and Nintendo 64 days.  As of late though their quality seems to have improved and their focus seemed to shift from retail titles to bite-sized downloads.  The first XBLA South Park title, Let’s Go Tower Defense Play, sold well and reviews were decent enough with it sitting at an average 72 on metacritic.  Fans enjoyed it (myself included) and thankfully they’ve announced a followup to their co-op tower defense game this time focusing on platformers.

This new title focuses on Scott Tenorman who infamously pissed off Cartman in one of the most memorable South Park episodes.  Cartman of course got his revenge in one of the most diabolical ways possible and fans were given one of the darkest and most hilarious episodes in the series history.

Scott Tenorman is out for revenge and with his army of gingers is looking to take out our four heroes.  The game is being developed by the team behind Dark Void Zero and will debut later today at Comic Con New York.  Aside from it being a 2D side-scrolling platformer and the fact that it contains ManBearPig, not much is known about the new XBLA exclusive.  We’ll keep you updated when more information comes in.

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