Oct 12, 2011

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Twisted Pixel Joins Microsoft Game Studios

Twisted Pixel Joins Microsoft Game Studios

Acclaimed indie studio Twisted Pixel has been acquired by Microsoft Game Studios.  The studio behind arcade hits like Ms. Splosion Man and the Kinect title The Gunstringer have just been signed to help develop more exclusive Xbox 360 content.

The Austin, Texas-based studio has been known for the creative titles they’ve brought mainly to the Xbox LIVE Arcade like Comic Jumper and The Maw, but most recently have began releasing retail titles.  Phil Spencer, Corporate Vice-President of Microsoft Studios stated:

“Twisted Pixel has an incredible track record of innovative, critically acclaimed, and most importantly, fun, games.  Microsoft Studios is home to cutting-edge entertainment experiences, and the incredible creativity of the Twisted Pixel team will help drive further innovation around Kinect and Xbox LIVE.

Michael Wilford, co-founder and chief executive officer of Twisted Pixel, remarked regarding the situtation:

“It is really exciting for us to solidify our long-standing relationship with Microsoft Studios, who we consider to be the leader in digital distribution and creating new innovations in gaming like Xbox LIVE and Kinect. As part of the family of Microsoft Studios we look forward to bringing even bigger and richer experiences to Xbox and Twisted Pixel fans around the world.”

Twisted Pixel is the latest member of Microsoft Studios team joining Lionhead Studios and Rare LTD.  Hopefully Twisted Pixel will continue to release solid Arcade titles and not whittle away to nothing more then a Kinect afterthought like the incredibly underutilized Rare.

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