Oct 12, 2011

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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Detailed

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Detailed

In case you’ve been asleep in a cave the past few days, Mass Effect 3 will have multiplayer, as revealed via an Aussie magazine and later confirmed by Bioware via Twitter. However, details were scant, with a hint of co-op and nothing more.

Yesterday, Bioware revealed the details of the multiplayer on their official forums. The game will feature four player co-op missions, separate from the main game as part of the “Galaxy at War,” so that, in theory, your actions in multiplayer can impact the singleplayer game. However, Bioware stresses that the multiplayer is completely optional, and it is still possible to experience the “best” ending of the singleplayer campaign without ever playing a second of the multiplayer component. In other words, Bioware is approaching the multiplayer as yet another way to experience “choice” in how you complete the game.

ME3 will not feature any sort of competitive multiplayer mode, and previous game saves (from ME1 or ME2) will not influence the multiplayer component at all.

[Source: Bioware Forums]