Oct 11, 2011

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Sony Teases UMD Program for Vita

Sony Teases UMD Program for Vita

While the upcoming PlayStation Vita seems to be generating a fair bit of hype around the industry, one of the system’s biggest points of contention is its lack of backwards compatibiollty. Without a dedicated UMD drive or applicable accessory, PSP owners would be stuck having to play their PSP classics like Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on an outdated handheld.

Rumors have swirled since Tokyo Game Show that Sony was looking into ways to let gamers access their back catalog of games on the Vita, but today more concrete information has come out via the Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation. In an interview, Sony Computer Entertainment development head Yoshio Matsumoto states that the company is investigating available options. This may include allowing gamers who own a PSP game to download that title from the PlayStation Store for a special price.

Meanwhile, an unnamed games retailer in attendance at a Sony sales briefing has reported that pamphlets were distributed outlining potential plans for backwards compatibility, and that Sony will be making an announcement about this feature in the coming days.

While any form of backwards compatibility will be a great draw for the system, the prospect of having to re-buy your games (even at a “special price”) is certainly off-putting. Whether this rumor is true, or Sony has other plans up their sleeve, remains to be seen.

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