Oct 10, 2011

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UFC On Xbox Live Details

UFC On Xbox Live Details

Microsoft has finally released details on their deal with the UFC, previously announced at this year’s E3.  UFC on Xbox Live is due out on December 1 just in time for their UFC 140 event (pitting Jones vs Machida.)  Users will be able to stream events at 60 fps, giving an almost identical experience achieved through cable companies, including price points ($44.99 for SD and $54.99 for HD).  Though things appear to be the same, it’s in the presentation where Xbox Live has the edge.

Pre-fight interviews, clips, and other promo videos normally only found on UFC.com can now be accessed via Xbox Live.  Along with the clips listed, fans also can access live streams of the weigh-ins and everything else that entails.  There’s been no word on what impact the UFC’s deal with Fox Network will have, but similarly to the UFC’s Facebook deal, Xbox Live may get some exclusive content as well.

Most interesting, though, is the integration of both achievements and friendly competition.  At any time prior to a card, Xbox Live users can view the upcoming fights, pick their winners and methods, and compare rankings on leaderboards among your friends.  This sort of competition has paved the way for the inclusion of achievements.  Though achievements are nice, as of yet there has been no say on whether players would be earning achievement points or just the achievements themselves.

UFC on Xbox Live is set to debut on December 1.  We’ll keep you updated if any new details surface prior to its release.

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