Oct 5, 2011

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Community Voice: PS2 Games You Hope Come to PSN?

Community Voice: PS2 Games You Hope Come to PSN?

Recently, Sony revealed, as part of its “Only on PSN” campaign, that they would be making select PS2 games available via PSN, similar to the current PSOne Classics. This has obviously led to a lot of excitement among PS3 gamers, as the PS2 library is filled with many great games, only a handful of which have been remade (either for HD collections or PSP). This got me thinking: what PS2 games would I hope to see make it to PSN? I have a backwards-compatible PS3, so I can already play PS2 games on it, but the convenience of having the game bootable from my harddrive is alluring, not to mention the opportunity to play games that can be hard to track down (and expensive if you do).

I’ll admit that I missed out on most of the previous generation’s games, so there are a lot of PS2 games I never got the opportunity to play. I definitely would love to see all the PS2 Shin Megami Tensei games make it to PSN, since some of these can be rare or expensive finds, the Fatal Frame series, would also be great to see on PSN,  along with the Arc Tenolico games and Dragon Quest VIII, just to name a few.

What games do you hope make it to PSN, either because they’re old favorites or because you haven’t played them yet? Let us know in the comments.

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