Oct 4, 2011

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Trophy Guide: Arkedo Series #3 Pixel

Trophy Guide: Arkedo Series #3 Pixel

Finally, we have the last entry in the Arkedo series, Pixel. This game follows a cute little cat known as Pixel. Similar to Jump, Pixel is also a classic platformer. However, it is a more modernized version of the genre. This guide will take away most of the stress of completing the game.



Pixel is the best designed of the three games. There are no real “grind” trophies, and you’re mostly expected to do it all. Challenges are missing, but beating the game can become quite annoying. Overall, this should be a fairly simple 100%.


Trophy Guide:


Coming home

Complete all the levels.

Most levels are fairly simple paths to the end. Most alternate paths contain specialty items and nothing more. The biggest problem will most likely be unlucky moves (or, in my case, random ice blocks). You have checkpoints and unlimited retries, so this shouldn’t be too hard.

The following are some of the harder challenges:

Stage 2: At the end of the level there will be a head. This is a puzzle and requires you to have read a sign. The sign states that one is 27 and half is 16. This refers to your current life. The number you input is completely based off your current life score.

Stage 3: Towards the end you will get poisoned. This inverts your controls, but you can quickly remove this! By examining yourself, you can expel the virus.

Stage 6: Bouncer dogs are taken out by examination.

That’s useless

Collect all Useless Relics in one level.

See “That’s completely useless.

That’s really useless

Collect half the useless relics.

See “That’s completely useless.”

That’s completely useless

Collect all the useless relics.

Use the following videos for an idea of their location.

-Stage 1 all treasures-

YouTube Preview Image

-Stage 2 all treasures-

YouTube Preview Image

-Stage 3 all treasures-

YouTube Preview Image

-Stage 4 all treasures-

YouTube Preview Image

-Stage 5 Treasure 1,2,3-

YouTube Preview Image

-Stage 6 Treasures 1,2,3-

YouTube Preview Image

Brave tomcat

Kill 200 foes.

See “Fearless tomcat.

Fearless tomcat

Kill 1,000 foes.

To kill an enemy, you can either jump on them, or roar. This will come with natural playing. Please note: I can’t confirm that roaring counts.

Roaring Kitten

Kill 25 enemies by roaring at them.

See “Roaring Master.

Roaring tomcat

Kill 100 enemies by roaring at them.

See “Roaring Master.”

Roaring Master

Kill 8 enemies with a single roar.

This sounds very complex, but it’s not. To roar, you need to kill around five enemies without getting hit. This will allow you to roar by pushing triangle. On stage two, there will be a series of ducks after a check point. There is enough to roar once. After you past your first armored duck, there will be eight mushrooms in a row. Simple fall down and roar them for the trophy. This can also be used to farm the other trophies.

YouTube Preview Image

Literate tomcat

Read all the signs.

None of them are exactly hidden. By collecting every relic, you should 100% pass them all. Just make sure to collect them all. The final one asks who is the real boss or something along those lines.


Achieve all hidden pixel mini-games.

This is one trophy I sadly can’t confirm. I believe this means doing every side puzzle. These include examining yourself on stage three, killing the bulldogs, breaking the statue, activating the ice machine, turning on the lights (stage 5) and getting every relic. I can only confirm that relics are required. I got mine when I finished the final relic puzzle. I also believe you need the “!” boxes, but I can’t confirm how many. To play it safe, simply do any and all puzzles you pass.

Broken ground

Destroy 200 breakable blocks.

When you run over broken boxes, they break. There will be more than enough come the end of the game. I got this by default, so don’t worry about this one.