Oct 4, 2011

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Apple Unveals iOS 5, iPhone 4S

Apple Unveals iOS 5, iPhone 4S

This morning, Apple held their “Let’s Talk iPhone” press conference, in which they unveiled everything new in the realm of Apple, including the new iOS and iPhone. Despite many rumors suggesting Apple would introduce a budget iPhone 4 alongside the iPhone 5, Apple surprised many by unveiling the iPhone 4S.

The new iPhone 4S will resemble the current iPhone 4 on the outside, but will have a complete rehaul inside. For example, it will include the A5 chip found in the iPad 2, promising 7x faster graphics than the previous model, so games really “scream.” Along with this revelation was a demo by Epic Games, in which they unveiled Infinity Blade 2, which will apparently only run on the new iPhone. The new game will enable you to customize your weapons and will deliver “eye melting graphics” on December 1.

The new phone will also feature an extended battery life (now 8 hours of talk time on 3G, 14 hours 2G talk time, 6  hours 3G browsing, 9 wifi browsing, 10 video, 40 music), an improved antenna to improve call quality and download speeds (up to 14.4 mbps, Apple claims),  and both GSM and CDMA support (so say good-bye to different models). The camera is also slightly improved, although only 8MP still, the resolution is now 3264×2448 (60% more pixels than iPhone 4), and offers a slew of improvements to make your pictures look even better. For video recording, you can now record in 1080p, with image stabilization to make your videos look great as well.

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The new iPhone will be available for pre-order starting Friday, and will release the following Friday, on October 14. Available in both black and white, you can get a new iPhone 4S for $199 (16GB), $299 (32GB), or $399 (64GB).  If that’s out of your budget, but you still want an iPhone, the original iPhone 4 will drop to $99 (8GB) and $199 (16GB); the iPhone 3GS will be $49 or free with contract. The latest iPod Touches will release October 12 and cost the same as the iPhone 4S for all three models.

Other than the new features of iOS 5 (and iCloud), which also arrives October 12, including twitter integration, iMessage (think AIM for iOS devices), reminders, notifications, and new camera options, Apple introduced Siri, the “intelligent” voice recognition system.  If you can trust Apple, Siri has a lot of promise, allowing you to do almost all basic tasks on your phone using only your voice, including making appointments, responding to text messages (Siri will even read your texts to you), looking up information on wikipedia, and more. Initially, it will be beta only, but it seems like a promising feature, should it live up to the hype.

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