Oct 3, 2011

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Trophy Guide: Bodycount

Trophy Guide: Bodycount

Perfect trophy lists appear to be the one thing most games can’t pull off. This is even rare when it comes to highly popular titles. To this day people still complain about the pure bladestone trophy in Demon Souls. However, in a shocking turn of events, the one thing Bodycount got right was the trophy list. This is an extremely quick/enjoyable platinum, and here’s a guide to make it quicker!



I got the platinum in just over a day and that’s including going to work! If you’re skilled enough, you might even be able to complete it in one sitting. Most of the trophies happen via story and require nothing extra. This will be one of the most enjoyable platinums, as there’s no collection or exploring, the story is quick, and online isn’t a grind.


Trophy Guide:


All Bodycount trophies won

Win all trophies available in Bodycount.

Complete every task and enjoy!

Welcome to Africa – Tutorial

Complete the induction mission.

This is the game’s first mission, and is just a tutorial.

Wind of change

Achieve all objectives in Africa.

This sounds far more complex than it is. Basically, most of the game is in Africa, and later on you go to Asia. When you go to Asia, this trophy will pop.

A very bad feeling

Survive the first encounter with the Nemesis.

I think the game refers to the armored enemies (seen in the trophy set/splash before booting) as the Nemesis. This could also refer to just the singular person known as the “K-8 Nemesis Widowmaker.” Regardless of which is the right answer, when you meet K-8, the trophy will pop. She is extremely strong and very hard to beat! You can’t damage her, and need to basically run out the clock. Keep note on how this fight works, though. She is the end boss and that fight is extremely similar.

Wishing this was Vegas

Achieve all objectives in Asia.

Again, this is story and will come seemingly out of nowhere. You spend almost no time in Asia.


Break into the target’s weapons Nexus.

This is right before the end. You will need to invade their ship for intel, but getting in and getting the intel is no laughing matter. This trophy will pop the second you get in there. Getting to the end is extremely hard, but I just gunned it with adrenaline on. Shockingly, that works just as well as clearing the place out.

Sleep when I’m Dead

Defeat the K-8 Nemesis Widowmaker.

As you progress though the story, there will be an armored woman. She is special because you can see the bottom of her face. This person is known as the K-8. Her fight is just like “A very bad feeling,” though you have to kill her this time.

This is achieved by shooting her till you have enough gauge to stun her. The game will prompt you what to do. When she runs, you will be able to use the turret on her. It will take three hits, and it saves when she gets hit.