Oct 3, 2011

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Trophy Guide: Arkedo Series #02: Swap!

Trophy Guide: Arkedo Series #02: Swap!

Next in the Arkedo series is the simple puzzle game Swap! Here you will move blocks in an effort to connect four in one direction. This will cause them to break and you get points. However, much like a lot of things in life, this isn’t that simple.


Currently the trophies don’t sync, so avoid this if you don’t want to deal with it. Outside of that, this game is really hard. Most trophies will come with ease, but the challenges expect a lot from you. This will be a matter of luck over skill! If you don’t want that stress, then just find another game.

Trophy Guide:

Claim your castle!

Achieve the Castle mode.

Earn this trophy by simply beating the story mode. There are five stages and each are fairly cut and dry. You will need a certain amount of points to win each. These vary from stage to stage, but I believe five (the highest) ends at 100,000. Most of these stages can be completed quickly through high-point moves. These include chains or simply large collections of blocks. I believe the first stage, for instance, can be completed if you blast 10 blocks at once.

If you’re having problems then see “Unchallenged.”

Prince of my castle

Score more than 40,000 points in Arcade mode.

See “Emperor of my Castle.”

King of my castle

Score more than 60,000 points in Arcade mode.

See “Emperor of my Castle.

Emperor of my castle

Score more than 80,000 points in Arcade mode.

This is extremely easy, but there’s only two ways of going about it. I strongly suggest the easy way, but it’s not the fun way.

Fun way:

Put it on easy because it gives you a small, but useful point buffer. I finished 80,000 like this on all three difficulties and I can tell you that they’re the same. Here the key is to use bombs effectively and to save your life. Rinse and repeat till you win.

Easy way:

Doing around a 5x combo should net you 60,000. Doing a 6x combo will get you the trophy, but be warned that this is no simple matter. For more information on combos see “Block Buster.

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Complete all the challenges.

While this is silver, it is this game’s platinum. All the challenges sum up to being all the trophies, but three. This trophy is almost purely luck based, so prepare for some problems!

  • Blasting = Creating a chain of 4+ same colored blocks. For these objectives to count, you MUST do the exact sum listed.
  • Combos = Blasting one set, which causes another set to be blasted. This is your key to most trophies, and the 10x combo is among the hardest challenges. To do a chain you will need to create a path. These generally involve setting up blocks, so when one pops, the require block falls into place, making that set pop too. To do above four blasts, you need to have a block above the diagonal line, which caused a horizontal line to pop below. For more information, check the picture in “BlockBuster” or the easy method in “Emperor of my castle.
  • Treasure = If you blast something with treasure next to it, then they get blasted with it. Reloading will give you a different starting amount. This can easily make it more or less doable. For higher sums you will need a more complex shape. Remember, you can blast up to 10 blocks at once.
  • Clear bonus = Blow up everything! Requires fast skills and good bomb placement.
  • End chapter 5 with only 1 chain reaction = Only 1 thing can pop, so if you get lucky, you lose. Thankfully you only need 130,000 or so points. The treasure around you will make that total jump greatly. I got this with a chain of four. Just make sure that there’s a platform for the blocks to fall. I failed many games because treasure was destroyed in the process.
  • Beat the devs = I did a chain of eight I believe, and scored over 600,000 points. I strongly suggest just trying to do a chain right out of the gate and end it.

Treasure Hunter

Collect 1,000 treasures.

This will come naturally and will pop LONG before you complete even arcade/story.

Thunder God

Activate 1,000 thunder blocks.

Some blocks will have lightning bolts on them. They cause an explosion once you blast them. This will take some grinding, but I would MAKE SURE to do the challenge “all clear” first. I had failed many times prior to getting it (1 – 3 blocks short) and using thunder blocks is the key to this challenge.

Double Decker addict

Made 222 Double Deckers.

Another simple trophy that only requires you to break two blocks in one move. This will most likely take a lot of grinding and a slow speed.

Time Master

Freeze time for one hour.

Simple: you need to make a TON of complex time-block formations. A full-on ten-block blast is worth around 40 seconds, but a four-block blast is only worth around five seconds. This trophy took me around nine hours of pure grinding after doing EVERY other trophy. According to my friend, he got his in seven hours at the same point. The only tip I can give you is play stage five of the story. Time blocks spawn from the start and move slow. Unofficially, I also believe you see more time blocks when you need them.

Block buster

Make a 4x combo.

Reading this guide, it should be clear that combos are important, but I never really explained them. The whole concept is making one action that causes a reaction. The game shows you a basic 3x combo (pictured below), but that won’t help you. To make a 4x combo you need to be on ROW 2 to start, and have the next chain above the diagonal formation. When the chain causes that to break (as pictured), the block will fall down three rows. Here you should already have another formation waiting. If this is done right then it should ALSO break.

Do not worry about this trophy too much. There is a challenge for doing a 4x combo, and that’s when you should try it.

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Match a 10 bricks shape.

Just make the formation pictured below.

Accredited gamer

View the credits till the end.

The credits are at the bottom of the main menu. There are two pages and this can be done in seconds. Just keep flipping till the trophy pops.