Oct 3, 2011

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Trophy Guide: ARKEDO Series #01 Jump!

Trophy Guide: ARKEDO Series #01 Jump!

Usually when we see a cheap title, the first thing we ask is “are there any trophies?” That is just the case for ARKEDO Series – 01 Jump!, which is a game available for €1.50 in the Europe PSN store.  US gamers will have to wait for a bundle, but this game takes simple platforming and makes a cute, fun, and short little game.


Jump! could have been designed a bit better, trophy-wise. Most of them will come with common play, but there are some things you will need to grind for. Nothing is too bad, and except for level 31, anyone can complete all of the tasks. This will be an extremely straight-forward guide for an extremely straight-forward game.


Trophy Guide:


Achieve half of the Adventure Mode.

Adventure mode is the traditional story mode. Here you will start with five lives and are expected to beat all 30 levels. To get this trophy, you will need to hit level 15. This shouldn’t take too many tries and will come with natural play. If you’re having problems on a stage, then please keep note of how they’re done. If you’re dying on stages 1 – 10, check out the video under “Diehard.”


Complete the Adventure Mode.

This will come with time and shouldn’t give you too many issues. I would make note of which stages cause you problems and try to resolve them. Also, remember to save your knives for harder situations. Given enough tries you should get used to the game more than enough to win. An insanely important thing to keep in mind is you don’t need any cash to complete the game.

Treasure Gather

Achieve 10 levels of the Challenge Mode.

See “Treasure Hunter.”

Treasure Collector

Achieve 20 levels of the Challenge Mode.

See “Treasure Hunter.”

Treasure Hunter

Complete the Challenge Mode.

There are 31 challenge stages, and 30 are straight from the campaign. The final stage is an extremely hard stage, made for this mode. Before you worry about what this means, Challenge mode is a fancy way of saying “perfect mode.” This is because the only difference is that you need all the collectables to complete the stage. If you get them all it will say “OK.” The other difference is that there are no knives to bail you out. You can endlessly retry, so this should come with enough tries. Many stages require you to simply beat them to complete. Finishing them in Adventure mode does nothing for this trophy, so don’t waste the time if you don’t want to.


Perform five thousand jumps!

This should come with time. I got this while grinding “On Target.” If you don’t get this trophy by the time you get the rest, then boot up stage 8 and just jump nonstop.

Jump Master

Perform 200 jumps without dying.

This took me the first 12 stages to unlock. You can try your luck and pointlessly jump, or you can pick a stage with no risk and jump till it unlocks. Either way, it shouldn’t cause you an issue. If you would like to see me earning it, I included it as a bonus in the “DieHard” video.


Achieve 10 levels without dying.

This sounds very hard, but its actually very easy. Most levels are extremely scripted. This means that doing the same thing will work 100% of the time. This also means that there will never be any surprises (except for bats). I got this on my second try, because level 3 caught me off guard. If you’re having issues, then please check the video below.

Please note, I included Jump Master since it is only slightly more work. You do not need to do anything past level 10 to get this trophy.

YouTube Preview Image

On Target

Kill 25 enemies with the knife.

This will take some grinding and will be quite boring. There are extremely few knives, but there is no real quick way of getting them. The best method is to beat the first nine stages, killing three enemies every time. This will give you the trophy on your ninth cycle. If you’re still working on Adventure mode, then try to use them before finishing the mode.