Sep 27, 2011

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Video: Real Life Dead Island

Video: Real Life Dead Island

You’ve probably heard of Mega64 and seen at least one of their “video game in real life” videos (their Heavy Rain rendition is a particular favorite of mine), but the folks from the Going Nowhere Show have taken real-life video game video to the next level with their version of Dead Island, complete with realistic overlays and fast attacking zombies. While not quite as tongue-in-cheek as Destructoid’s video (suggesting the entire game is spent searching suitcases), fans of the game or “real life” video game cinema can definitely appreciate the effort that went into this piece:

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The group promises more videos like this in the future, and I definitely look forward to seeing what else they can do. By the way, in case you fell in love with the music from the original teaser trailer, you can pick up the song as a single on iTunes.

[Source: YouTube, via Twitter]