Sep 22, 2011

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Podcast #02: Gears of Netflix

Podcast #02: Gears of Netflix

The staff of Vivid Gamer are back this week for another podcast! This week, myself, Eric, Kyle, James, and Grant got together to discuss what we’ve been playing, Gears of War 3 (this week’s Community Voice), the Netflix/Qwikster debacle, along with some of the most interesting news of the week.

Be sure to listen in if you’re a Gears fan, as we give out a unique code for a special Cole Plushie avatar item during the show.

For now, you can subscribe to the podcast-only RSS feed here. In the future, we’ll also have our podcast available via iTunes–we’ll let you know as soon as the option is available.

You’re also free to download the MP3 to listen to later, or share with your friends using the embed feature.