Sep 21, 2011

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UPDATE: PlayStation Network Goes Down, Will Soon Recover

UPDATE: PlayStation Network Goes Down, Will Soon Recover

UPDATE: The PlayStation Network is back online in North America and will soon be back up in Europe as well. PlayStation US tweeted the following about an hour ago:

ORIGINAL STORY: Folks trying to log-in to PSN earlier today were treated with an error code and the inability to access the service. Shortly after the difficulty began, the official US PlayStation Twitter feed reported that Sony was aware of the issue and was working hard to resolve it. Several minutes later, the official EU PlayStation feed reported the same, indicating that North American gamers weren’t the only ones being affected.

This news initially caused a great scare among the gaming press and community, as we recall the massive cyberattack and PSN outage earlier this year. However, it seems that this time things won’t go quite as badly. PlayStation EU has already confirmed that the network is on its way to recovery, at least for Europeans.

PlayStation US has yet to echo these statements, so we’ll see how the situation plays out. Still, this doesn’t appear to be anything of major concern. Maybe too many gamers were buying and downloading Resident Evil 4 HD?

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