Sep 19, 2011

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DC Universe Online Going Free to Play

DC Universe Online Going Free to Play

Back in January, Sony brought an MMO with a monthly fee to the PS3/PC. While the beta was highly popular; the actual game was less than that. The PS3 version had several problems getting off the ground. Worse yet was when the PSN went down. In light of all the problems Sony is changing their game plan.

Starting in late October, DC Universe Online will change to a “freemium” style. If you’re new to the concept, it’s rather simple. The basic game will be free, but anything extra will cost you a slight fee. This is a great turn of events as the PS3 version, will be free to download off the PSN store. If you are interested in these changes, check out the image below which breaks down the three options available to players.

So is this turn of events welcomed or unwelcomed? Do you think theres really a point in the free offering? Tell us what you think below!

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