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Trophy Guide: Renegade Ops

Trophy Guide: Renegade Ops

Trophies/Achievements for downloadable games are extremely hard to judge. Sometimes they  go fast and are easy to unlock, other times they’re fairly hard. I wouldn’t call Renegade Ops hard, but I assure you, it’s not easy either. With these tips it will make things easier; though prepare to still run into a few issues.


Just about everything is single player based and of course this makes things harder. Most of these are fairly basic, but be warned, this game gets tough on hardcore especially with the final boss battle.

Trophy Guide:

Goody Two Shoes

Bring 20 Prisoners to the Church in single player.

Towards the start of mission one you will have the choice to save various people. There are around 25 total and offer you a huge bonus if you can save them. These can be obtained while doing the main missions, but you will most likely be low on time. If you’re having problems completing it, ignore the main mission for it.

The same can be said of every other mission based trophy. Each one will appear on the map and will have a way point. Most are on your way to the main objective, but some require you to go out of your way. All of these can be completed while doing the main missions, even on the hardest difficulty.


Pilot a helicopter in single player.

I don’t think you can miss this. I believe there is one on stage 1, if not there is one on stage 4 and 6. They will be in a black box you can shoot open.

A Mess of Stiff Staff Sergeants

Kill Infernos Sergeants in single player.

On mission two, you will be told to sneak past some Sergeants. Shortly after, you will have an optional mission. That mission is to go kill them.

For more information see “Goody Two Shoes”.

Jonesing for Relics

Return all the Relics to the Museum in single player.

After you clear out the tanks on mission three, you will hear a story on Inferno stealing them all. You will gain an optional mission to reclaim them. Follow the waypoint to collect them all.

For more information see “Goody Two Shoes”.

From Cold Dead Hands

Steal all Infernos Weapon Crates in single player.

You should gain the choice to arm a town in mission four. Finishing this mission will give you the trophy.

For more information see “Goody Two Shoes”.

Supply Problems

Destroy all mining carts in the Kaabe Mountains in single player.

Bryant will inform you that he wants to piss off Inferno. He hopes to accomplish this by destroying carts on mission six. Finishing this side mission will give you the trophy.

Infernos Briefs

Steal all the Document Briefs in single player.

This is the last optional mission and appears on mission eight. Like the others, it will appear as your standard waypoint deal. Finishing this mission will give you the trophy.

To Hell and Back

Complete Mission 9 on any Difficulty in Single Player.

This is by a wide margin the hardest mission. Inferno is a pain to kill and getting to him is quite difficult. Naturally you can just beat this on easy, but for higher difficulties you will need a real tactic. If you’re having problems then see “Tough Stuff

Tough Stuff

Complete all missions on Hardcore Difficulty.

This is the hardest trophy by far. This is completely due to the last level and all the firepower they’re packing. Thankfully there are some very useful tips/tricks you can use. And as always it’s a bit easier when you already played through the game before starting the hardcore run.

  • Gunnar is the easiest to complete the game with. This is because he can blow up rockets midflight.
  • Hardened Hull, Extra Life, Second Chance are extremely useful.
  • Every level has a 1 up you can find so make sure to grab each one.
  • Remember where trouble spots are.
  • Skip fights you can’t win and don’t have to do.
  • Avoid secondary objectives if they’re too hard.
  • Rockets will disappear after a little bit.

The Daily Grind

Get a character to max level.

The max character level is 45 and should just come with time. I got this by mission seven on hardcore.

Mega Kill Combo

Get a 50x Damage Streak in single player.

This will be more luck based, than skill based. To get a streak, you will need to kill enemies with lifebars. Your bar will drop as time goes, but you can fill it by damaging enemies. The bigger the enemy, the more they fill. The same goes for the little humans too.

In my case, I think it’s glitched. I believe I was at 24x and lost my combo. In doing so I gained enough to cap, but as a bonus this trophy also unlocked. I can’t confirm it was glitched for me or that it will work for you either. However it is something to keep in mind.

Lord Master of Great Skill

Get “Skill level – Alien” in single player.

At the end of each level you will get a skill rating: Good, Awesome, Alien etc. Getting Alien rank is like shooting into the dark. There are 15 different skill levels and Alien is the highest. Due to this, I don’t actually know how the rank(s) are structured but the best information I can give you is the following:

  • Never use your secondary weapon and try to obtain the rocket. Rocket is ideal, because you start with the maximum. Provided you’re capped, each time you pick up a red box you will gain 1,000 points.
  • Keep high health and avoid large health items. If you’re full; each health item will give you 500 points. The big bonus is from large health. If you’re capped and collect one, you should gain about 25,000 points.
  • Never lose your chain.
  • Don’t die. Your life count is pointless, but collecting machine gun upgrades yield many points.
  • Do side missions. They worth a lot of points.
  • Play on Hardcore
My scores:
  • Total: 5,678,587
  • Complete Time: 22:37
  • Damage Streak: 315,129
If you need help with any of these Trophies feel free to leave a comment and I’ll do my best to assist you.