Sep 15, 2011

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Beta Impressions: Ratchet and Clank All 4 One

Beta Impressions: Ratchet and Clank All 4 One

Ratchet and Clank has always been a popular choice for kids or adults looking for a wholesome good time. That hasn’t changed over the years, but with the upcoming edition you’ll be able to play with up to three other people. As we inch closer and closer to release Insomniac is busy working out the kinks in Resistance 3 so naturally Ratchet and Clank is on the back burner; however they are giving us the pleasure of a beta.

At its core everything presented in All 4 One, is meant to be done with others. Naturally this is going to be hit/miss. It’s hard to say how the full game will far, but the beta showed many gamers completely in the dark on how to play. Since a big part of the second stage is team skills, this could lead to a lot of failure. Be warned no matter how well they explain it; there will be those that make the game needlessly harder.

The core gameplay is just what you would expect from a Ratchet & Clank series but in multiplayer form. Everything is tabulated in a final score for people to compete and see who the best is. Certain enemies and sections of the game become easier when people work together. These parts will net you co-op points, but they don’t do anything past make the game easier. The online system is very bare at the moment, but it doesn’t appear to have much more coming for it. Expect a rather minimal online system, though that’s more than enough.

The beta showcases two distinctly different levels. The first is Luminopolis, which is your introduction to the game. The majority of time will be spent grasping the basics. Once you get going, there will be some interesting elements. One of those is during the flying car scene. Here you will need to shift body weight to maneuver the car to avoid obstacles . This can become very difficult if someone on your team isn’t helping. The level finishes with a few boss battles. Each is a welcome change with a strong focus on platforming and teamwork skills.

All 4 One Gameplay Video: Luminopolis

The second level NEST, is teamwork based. Here you will be introduced to most of the teamwork mechanics. The majority of them are fairly simple, but aren’t always the easiest to pull off. Here you can also use most of the weapons, though nothing is really new to the series other than a few weapons like the doppelganger, which you can see in the video below . To finish off this level, there will be a heavily team work based boss battle. This can become extremely hard to accomplish, if you don’t understand what you’re doing. Thankfully you basically had unlimited lives so you can keep trying and trying until your team gets the hang of it.

All 4 One Gameplay Video: NEST

Overall this was a great taste of things to come. Clearly this is not the finish product, as many obvious bugs could be found in the beta. There are some less than desired aspects like the joining system, but ideally the beta will resolve those. The All 4 One beta was extremely fun and save for a few common problems, it seems like the final product will offer a great multiplayer experience.