Sep 14, 2011

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Trophy Guide: Altered Beast

Trophy Guide: Altered Beast

Perhaps one of Sega’s forgotten titles, Altered Beast was a neat little side scroller. The concept and gameplay was rather simple. Gain the power to save a woman from evil. Not exactly the most original concept, but one of the more original games at the time; in fact, before Sonic raced onto the scene, Altered Beast was the Genesis pack-in title. Even now, it’s fairly unique, but this version is a bit different. Unlike most rehashes that use the genesis version, this one utilizes the higher quality arcade build.



This game is a joke to complete. The hardest task will take some time, but that would be minimal at best. Most people average getting 100% in under an hour. There is nothing to be worried about, and this is the simplest Sega classic title.


Trophy Guide:


Complete the Game

Finish the Game.

There are five chapters, and each are extremely short. To finish the game, you will need to use “beast mode.” This is accomplished by collecting three spirit balls in a level. While tips can make this task easier, you can fail an unlimited number of times. Each time you fail, you will simple restart where you left off.

Renaissance Man

Start the game once with each of the four difficulty settings.

I suggest starting with easy and go through them in a loop. I don’t know how long enough you need to play, but I played till the game stopped saying saving. This took around 20 seconds per stage. With this method, the trophy unlocked no problem.

Points III

Score 350,000 points.

This is missable, but quite hard to do. You’re allowed to continue retaining your score, so the only risk is actually hitting the sum. The best way to accomplish this is by getting all the spirit balls on your first attempt of a stage. This should result in a 100,000 bonus. Missing one should result in a 50,000 bonus. This is the simplest way to earn the trophy. If you’re having a problem, remember to make saves and retry.


Reach the third stage without losing a life.

With the highest life and lowest difficulty you’re looking about five hits till you die. Finishing a level will also not restock your life. The best thing to do is save constantly and abuse kicking. In beast form, it’s usually the higher damage skill.

Points II

Score 250,000 points.

See “Score III

Boss III

Defeat the third level boss.

You have unlimited retries to kill him. There should be zero risk and no problems.

Boss I

Defeat the first level boss.

Everything you do damages him, and you have unlimited lives. Even if you close your eyes, you can’t lose.

Wolf Hunter

Kill 30 two-headed wolves.

This includes all types and is doable in one cycle. If you miss it, then play another cycle.

Multiple Beasts

Play in an online multiplayer game.

Many people like to cause problems online. This is done by making sure you don’t get the orbs. If you never get an orb, then you can never finish the level. Thankfully, this will ding the second online starts.

Points I

Score 150,000 points.

See “Points III

Three in a row

Collect Spirit Balls from the first three White Wolves in any level – Single Player mode only.

There are exactly three wolves prior to the boss. If you collect all three, you will go beast mode. Online there are more, so it’s harder offline. This should happen on level one, but if you fail, there is a trick. Start up a new game and memorize how they spawn. When you retry or reload a save, they will spawn in the exact same way.

Giant Man

Collect a Spirit Ball.

When you kill a White Wolf, one will appear. You need 15 total to actually beat the game. These are impossible to miss, but can cause you a delay.