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Trophy Guide: The Baconing

Trophy Guide: The Baconing

One of the most enjoyable games to get all the trophies/achievements for has been Deathspank and Deathspank 2. This is due to the extremely casual entry level and fair tasks. With The Baconing out most of the trophies follow that same pattern; however now there is a difficulty one, but fear not because I’m here to help!


The Baconing is extremely straight forward, but many of the tasks can take some extra time. Considering most of the tasks fall under story, you’re looking at an extremely tacky second run. To make matters worse, the entry level was raised for this title so if you wanted a quick/simple 100% than try to memorize as much of the game as possible.

Note: It would seem that PS3 gamers were given a rehash of Deathspank 2’s trophy icons. They’re in the same order as the 2 also. Xbox gamers were given another set of icons. This will ultimately confuse some people, so please keep it in mind.

Tea, Earl Gray, Hot.

Program a Replicator.

This is your first “real” quest. Basically you need to collect a series of punch cards and insert three of them in a certain order. This is unmissable.

Bashing Success

Shield Bash 1,000 times.

Shield Bashing is when you charge your shield and hit an enemy. You will know it was done correctly if they were repelled and dizzy. The counter is based off hits. So you can’t sit in a corner doing it. You should hit 1,000 during one of your playthroughs, but in the event you don’t go to Rainbows End. Here you will find a bunch of chickens. Keep bashing them till the trophy pops.

Never tell me the odds

Perform a 10x attack chain.

You can hit with up to 8 weapons at one time. Each time you go from one to another, you should get a bonus. Provided you’re fast enough these will keep up, but you can’t use the same weapon twice. This should come through normal play, but if you’re having problems go to Rainbows end. Here you will find a bunch of chickens. If you slash then shoot them, you should get 10x no problem. At the end of the “Bashing Success” video you can see it.

Blade Ruiner

Kill 100 Cyberorques.

These are an extremely common enemy and will come with time.

Who wants to live forever?

Become a god.

Towards the end of the story, you will encounter Zeus. He will offer you 12 trials to become a god. Deathspank will trick him and this will result in only three quests. They’re extremely straight forward, but for more information check the video below. It shows you where/how to do the last one. Be warned that the cut scene for finishing them is also included.


Reflect 100 ranged attacks.

This will unlock if you’re doing hard mode right. When you talk to the green alien at the start of the game, he will have you kill red aliens. The commander has a shield and thus you can endlessly reflect his attacks back. They’re fairly large/noticeable so perfect for this trophy. The video below showcases it and how to kill him.

Stay On Target.

Reach level 20.

Unlike previous titles, this is very easy to accomplish so you should get this by the end of the game. In the event you don’t, just keep killing/questing until you do.

Game Over Man!

Beat the game on any difficulty.

See “Death Blossom”.

Are you not entertained?

Become the tournament champion.

In the Forbidden City there is an arena. Here you can do up to 20 quests killing special monsters. They level up very fast so I strongly suggest doing this at level 19/20. There is no special way to win. If you would like to see the final battle; check out the video below.

Important locations:
  • On the path to Hades (Story) should get you the level 20 sword and half the armor.
  • On the path to Hades (Story) should get you the level 20 sword and half the armor.
  • If you do Thor’s side mission,  you should find the rest of the armor.
  • The bow I am using is called the “Orphan Cannon”, which is the reward for finishing Zeus’s trials. (See “Who wants to live forever?“)

Take a #3

Find all 41 outhouses.

I found these to be all along the way. The last one is the Hollow one. If you don’t get the trophy after finding it, then refer to the picture below.

Death Blossom

Beat the game on insane difficulty.

This trophy borders heavily on pointless and will be the last thing you do. Sadly you must beat the game first and then basically redo everything. This isn’t too bad since I spent 3 and a half hours doing this. Just remember how everything is done and you’re set. Another helpful hint is to know which missions you have to do and which ones you don’t. I only did two unimportant missions which were mafia related or so I think.

There isn’t much to this mode and many people claim the difficulty does nothing. I was 2 levels under the enemies and 4 levels under my original run. It’s quite hard to accurately gauge it with that type of difference. Naturally you should use things you learned previously to help in this run.

Useful Tips:
  • The bow is your friend.
  • Ranged enemies do insane damage, but reflecting their attack usually kills them.
  • If you die all the enemies you killed prior should stay down.
  • Always have food on your person.
  • Try to stick with useful skills first.
  • DO NOT kill yourself with the bow. If you watch the video before I nearly killed myself with it and failed.
  • Remember that you can skip dialog.
  • Multipliers help a lot.
  • Use magic when you have to.
  • You must be level 16 with the armor 2 level higher skill or level 18 to complete The Baconing. This is because of the golf outfit required by story, happens to be level 18 armor.
If you’re still worried, I recorded the end boss fight. As you can tell I am way under powered for it and won even with several mistakes. Please note: The game’s ending is also included, so if you don’t want to be spoiled skip that. I also included my build/stat’s so you can get an idea of the work required.


Kill 2,000 enemies.

Shockingly I did all the quests and still didn’t get this. There is sadly no quick way, but I strongly suggest you kill chickens plus other weak enemies, whenever you see them. They really add up fast!