Sep 9, 2011

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Plants vs. Zombies Level Crafted From Yarn

Plants vs. Zombies Level Crafted From Yarn

Gamers worldwide have either heard of or played the popular PopCap title, Plants vs. Zombies. The addictive tower defense game that pits plants against lawn-raiding zombies has made its home on nearly every platform available from PC to iOS devices and even the Xbox 360 and PS3. There are dedicated fans who have cosplayed as the flora and undead and those who use their knitting skills to create some of the cutest yarn Plants and Zombies from the award-winning game., a site that makes a lot of crafty yarn projects, recently completed the Day Level from Plants vs. Zombies. The project was taken back in the beginning of June and the results of this three-month long project as nothing shy of impressive and cute. While the goal was to create the full line-up for both the Day and Night levels, the Day Level looked to really challenge Meg-Ann, the owner and crocheter of the site.

I sadly will admit that when it comes to projects of this nature, I have two left hands. But it is great to see someone with talent creating a different form of art. You can check out the rest of Meg-Ann’s finished projects and even request some at

[Source: YarnyDoom]