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Trophy Guide: Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection

Trophy Guide: Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection

Sometimes we tend to forget how some games are. A prime example is this very game, as many claimed it would be easy. However they were greeted with an insanely broken game and brutal bosses/AI. This guide will show you some crafty methods to level the playing field.


These games are based off the arcade versions and that basically means they’re hard. Arcade games were built with the goal of eating your quarters to continue, so its natural that this game is going to be tough. Even with a cheap tactic, the game will not be accessible to all. If you’re able to use some tact and perform basic skill you shouldn’t have too many problems getting the full 100%.

Arcade Kompetitor

Finish Mortal Kombat

This and the other arcade trophies sound easier than they happen to be. If you would like detailed information overall check out “THE CHOSEN ONE”.

The key to this game is Raiden’s torpedo technique. This is performed by pushing back, back, then forward quickly. You will know this is the right move if he flies forward screaming something.  This will only work for so long until the AI gets wise. When this happens you want to teleport behind them (down, up) then punch them in a fury. Once they get pushed back; you got to create distance then spam the move again.

This is an amazing skill since it will do chip damage! (Hurts you even if you block) Which is not the case with other popular characters like Subzero.

Arcade Kombatant

Finish Mortal Kombat II

This and the other arcade trophies sound easier than they happen to be. If you would like detailed information overall check out “THE CHOSEN ONE”.

Since Raiden was godly in one, it only makes sense to use him in two right? Nah the AI is very different in this version and will wise up to that crap fast! To win with minimal skill you need Baraka.

The key to his strategy is to use jump kicks and his shredder move. (back, back, back, light punch). Most times you can get a solid kick in, but before they get up, start shredding. This will take some time and a dash of luck, though if you play smart using this it’s not too bad.


Brace yourself for a heavily over-hyped fight. If you keep mid range than he should always attack and you can always jump kick him. This will work countless times in a row. Plus the game helps you by giving you priority over him so it should be quick work.

Shao Kahn:

Unlike everyone else he seems to think he’s unstoppable. If you fight him without a cheap method, you will see that’s not too crazy. Kitana has an aerial lift skill called “fan lift” (back, back, back, heavy punch), which Kahn usually will walk into. Once you hit him just jump kick him back. This will take a few tries, but should ultimately work. Please note he likes to start by using his arrow projectile. Due to this I strongly suggest you start by jumping, which ideally should get you a free hit.

Arcade Konqueror

Finish Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 on any difficulty.

This and the other arcade trophies sound easier than they happen to be. If you would like detailed information overall check out “THE CHOSEN ONE”.

Like the other games previous exploits don’t work and you’re looking at learning something new. I found that no aspect of the game was TOO much easier with anyone else, but many will tell you Kitana is solid. I strongly suggest you try to fake out the AI if at all possible. Be warned that Jade is BRUTAL and I would leave if you see her on the listing.


This fight took me longer to beat than MK 1 and 2 combined. Seriously I had zero luck with it, but what did work was Jax. He has an easy combo which is jump heavy punch, heavy punch, heavy punch. Sometimes you will luck out connecting them all, but other times you will get thrown. Try to wait for him to pounce at you then let him have it. Once he gets low on life there will be a bit of desperation which you need to just attack wisely. This will boil down to luck over skill (using this method).

Shao Kahn:

There are two methods and both work quite well. Since me and my friend did this completely different ways I will label the two methods. His way is said to be fail-safe, but my way worked extremely well for me.

Method 1 (thanks to Gukoff):
  • Move towards the back. If Shao Kahn uses a projectile just block it. (helps you move back)
  • Crouch down and he will do one of two things.
    • Aerial dash
    • Forward dash
  • Aerials should miss you, but forwards will hit you. In either case uppercut him right after and you should win with around 30% life.
Method 2 (my way):
  • Stand mid range and wait. He should fire green orbs constantly.
  • When he fires an orb jump kick towards him and hope it lands.
  • He should get up, but you should regain distance.
  • Every now and then he will taunt you… BE WARNED THIS CAN GET YOU KILLED. If you think theres enough time to hit him advance, but if not stay away. He loves to cancel dash right after it.
  • Don’t attack him unless he’s in the projectile stance or it will be painful.

Flawless 2X

Win your first double flawless victory against CPU

This is extremely stressful as the game loves to get in 1 hit randomly. There were many games where doing a skill got me hit one time voiding the trophy. I finally got this during an endurance match (no kidding) using the Raiden method mentioned in “Arcade Kompetitor”. Though out playing I pulled this off 4 other times without intending to.

1) Mortal Kombat

Use Raiden’s torpedo (back, back, forward) till you’re against a wall then teleport behind them. Once there, repeat the same method.

2) Mortal Kombat 2

Select Baraka and get close. When the AI is about to attack use a shredder. (back, back, back, light punch) Rinse and repeat till the match ends.

3) Mortal Kombat 3

Subzero is finally in the spotlight and was killer here. Alternate between freezing uppercuts (forward, down, light punch then down, heavy punch) and dashed throws. (run + light punch)

4) Any

Trick the AI into doing something stupid then strike.

The Chosen One

Finish all three games.

Many people claim that the difficulty slider does nothing. I would agree it’s glitched, but I still advise setting it on “Very Easy”. Beyond this you should simply work on the simplest tactic you can perform. The game can be extremely brutal doing moves like uppercut > frozen (before hitting the ground) > uppercut. More than likely this will be the trophy list breaker, but remember it’s just a game… an extremely cheap one; though a game nonetheless.

Finish him!

Perform your first fatality.

This and all other “-ality” based moves are listed in the menu.

Performing a fatality is an extremely easy task and should come naturally. If you’re having problems look for a simple to perform move. Some moves require three inputs anywhere or close. Those are the two most important details for newer gamers.

Goo Goo Ga Ga

Perform your first babality.

This and all other “-ality” based moves are listed in the menu.

These are the 2nd hardest to perform so keep this in mind. You have to win the final round only using kicks (MK3) or without blocking (MK2). Only if these tasks are completed first will the game allow you to perform one. Beyond this most characters are going to boil down to what you can do. I believe I pulled this off on my first try with Subzero.

Beware of the Beast

Perform your first animality.

This and all other “-ality” based moves are listed in the menu.

By a wide margin these are the hardest to pull off. They can only be done in MK 3 and all the following requirements must be met.

  • You must finish them on round 3.
  • When the game says “Finish them” you must perform a mercy.
    • Get around mid range then enter the input listed below.
    • Hold Run then push down four times and finish with releasing run.
    • If don’t right the game will say “Mercy” giving them around one hit of life.
    • Win the match and perform the skill

Unlike the others I suggest Liu Kang as his is very easy to perform. (Sweep distance, down, down, up)

Can’t we all just get along?

Perform your first friendship.

These moves are listed in the menu.

Win two rounds without blocking then input the correct pattern. Most of these are fairly easy.

Perfect Strangers

Win a flawless victory in a ranked game.

This is going to boil down to luck, but you can try one of two things. Boosting it or lowering your rank. Regardless of which method you try, you should play Mortal Kombat as it’s the least popular and allows for cheap tactics to work flawlessly.

Konnected Kill

Win your first online 1v1.

Win a game online.

Elder God

Win 200 matches.

Nothing to say here really. All wins across all modes count for the trophy. This will come with time or you can force it by playing offline.