Sep 6, 2011

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Driver: San Francisco’s Online Pass Now Free for Everyone

Driver: San Francisco’s Online Pass Now Free for Everyone

Unlock codes for multiplayer modes are becoming the norm in the gaming industry. Companies have been “rewarding” players who purchase the game brand new with a  “free” code that occasionally unlocks extra content, but most of the time just unlocks the multiplayer portion of the game. Today Driver: San Francisco released and includes one of these unlock codes; however due to a printing error many codes don’t work. Ubisoft has fixed the issue and now you won’t need that code at all.

Ubisoft announced today that they will be tossing out the codes for the multiplayer mode and will allow all players, worldwide, to unlock the content for free whether you purchased the game new or used.

“Due to a printing error on the insert of some copies of Driver: San Francisco in North America, Ubisoft has elected to provide the Driver Uplay Passport content for free,” Ubisoft said in a statement. “Although this problem does not affect players outside of North America, we have decided to mirror this offer worldwide in order to be fair to all our players.”

You will still have to download an unlock key, but it will be free. You can choose the “2-day free trial” or “Purchase Uplay Passport” from the game’s menu. Either will unlock the multiplayer mode and a film feature.

It’s nice to see Ubisoft simply unlock it for everyone rather than having gamers jump through more hoops to get a new code, but don’t think this is going to change the way the industry is going.

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