Sep 5, 2011

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Xbox Week in Review (Week of 9/5/2011)

Xbox Week in Review (Week of 9/5/2011)

The Call of Duty XP took place this past weekend and along with the festivities, Microsoft announced a Modern Warfare 3 bundle (seen above.)  Also, four games were released for the XBLA including the sequel to Deathspank titled The Baconing.  Read on for more info as well as everything Xbox related in the past week.

  • The Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 bundle was announced along with two limited edition accessories.  The limited edition console includes the graphic (pictured above), two custom wireless controllers, a copy of Modern Warfare 3, special sounds when the system turned on, and the largest hard drive to date with a whopping 320 gb of space.  The console will be available November 8 for $399.  The other two accessories can be picked up on October 11, one of which is a controller like the ones shipping with the system.  The other accessory is a wireless headset that can be used for Xbox LIVE or any other bluetooth enabled wireless device.  The headset is listed at $69.99 and comes with an exclusive download.  The controller will be sold at $59.99 and will also include a token for an exclusive download.
  • Last week the marketplace was hit with four new arcade titles!  The first is the rock rolling game Rock of Ages, priced at 800 points.  Players control a boulder and are looking to take out an opposing castle before yours is demolished.  The next offering is the Mortal Kombat Kollection which is also 800 points.  Taking the original trilogy and adding in online play, achievements, and leaderboards sounds like a nostalgic trip through brutal heaven but sadly they didn’t HD enhance anything.  Still at $10, it’s not a bad buy for fans.  Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon is a four player RPG romp based on the Comedy Central show.  This dual stick shooter is priced at 800 points and includes 30 different weapons, boss battles, an original story, two avatar awards, a free episode from the first season, and extras from season one.  Finally the last game offered is the sequel to Deathspank, titled The Baconing.  Similar to the original game, join Deathspank as he explores unique locations, over 100 quests, exciting boss fights and puzzles that’ll attract fans new and old. 

  • Twisted Pixel’s upcoming Kinect title, The Gunstringer, has released a demo letting players try out the prologue and a level titled “The Big Easy Reckoning.”  Though The Gunstringer was originally planned to be a downloadable title, it’s set to hit retail next week on the 13th.  While that may upset gamers, the game is priced at a decent $39.99, includes Fruit Ninja Kinect and has additional downloadable content for free.
  • Deep Silver’s zombie RPG Dead Island releases tomorrow and it seems like reviewers are torn on opinions.  Some praise it for being unique and making Zombies terrifying again while others call it broken and unpolished.  It’s currently sitting with a 75 on Metacritic though there’s only been 15 reviews posted as of this writing.
  • Also coming out tomorrow is Sega’s Rise of Nightmares for the Kinect.  The first M-rated title for the Kinect platform, this first person horror game can be summed up as a zombie beat-em-up.  While the game may initially have looked on-rails, gameplay footage has shown a surprising amount of control is given to the players.  Players take the role of Josh who intended on rekindling his failing marriage by taking his wife on a romantic trip through Europe, only to have her kidnapped by a grotesque monster.  In order to save his wife, Josh must battle zombie-like creatures fighting hand-to-hand until he reaches the mastermind behind the attacks, the mad scientist Viktor.

Aside from the much talked about Call of Duty XP, there hasn’t been too much going on with Microsoft this past week.  Major Nelson has yet to update his blog on the upcoming arcade releases this week or the deal of the week.  Not much of note this week in the world of Xbox besides the above.

Thanks for reading and as always check back next week for another Xbox Week in Review.  Be sure to click on over to Eric’s PlayStation Week in Review for all of your Sony needs.

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