Sep 5, 2011

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Winter Wolves Announces Spirited Heart Girl’s Love

Winter Wolves Announces Spirited Heart Girl’s Love

Today, Winter Wolves made the announcement of the release of Spirited Heart Girl’s Love. Spirited Heart is a fantasy life sim that allows gamers to choose between three races and starting locations. Each race experiences the game’s events differently and you get the chance to work your way up to the good life as well as work towards building a romance with one of now twelve characters.

This expansion for Spirited Heart adds six new and lovely females to date, each unique in personality and dreams. It also expands on the original version’s number of endings, boosting it to 36 endings with the ones from the original being updated. Lead designer/programmer for Winter Wolves, Celso Riva, commented:

“I was toying with the idea of making a so-called ‘yuri’ version of my game Spirited
Heart, but I was unsure if it was actually a good idea. I asked for feedback in
several public forums and the response was overwhelmingly positive. I recommend everyone, even those
who aren’t normally interested in this type of pairing, to at least try the game’s
demo. I’m sure you’ll be charmed by the game’s atmosphere. After all, the game is
about Love, and I think we all can appreciate that, no matter what kind.”

Both versions are available on the site and you have the option to choose whether to purchase both or only one. For those who aren’t sure if they would enjoy this title, there is a demo you can download. Currently the complete version which includes the standard and Girl’s Love versions is 25% off the regular and for those who already own the standard edition, you can use your email address tied to it to get 50% off of the Girl’s Love version.

[Source: Winter Wolves]