Sep 3, 2011

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PlayStation Week in Review (Week of 9/3/2011)

PlayStation Week in Review (Week of 9/3/2011)

If you were too busy planning your Labor Day weekend trip, here is what you missed this week in the world of PlayStation: Kevin Butler “Returns” to PlayStation, Sony prices it’s PlayStation branded Tablets, we learn more about the new weapons in Ratchet & Clank: All for One, Sony announces a special Uncharted dual pack, and we get a few new releases this week including Madden NFL 12 and the second game in the PSN Play program.

  • Kevin Butler is back! I actually didn’t know he had left. None the less, Kevin Butler announced via twitter that he is returning to PlayStation.  “Don’t call it a comeback! Just kidding, you can totally call it a comeback,” he wrote. And of course with the announcement came a new video revealing a new PlayStation slogan “Long Live Play.”
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  • This month a new “PlayStation Certified” tablet will hit the market and Sony has finally announced the price for the Sony Tablet S. This new tablet will allow users to legally download and play original PlayStation titles. The tablet will start at $499.99 and will run on the Android 3.0 OS and features 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB harddrive, a 9.4-inch display and the NVIDIA Tegra 2 graphics chip. The 16 GB version comes compatible with only WiFi while the 32 GB version will feature both WiFi and 3G, but will cost $599. Sony’s smaller tablet, Tablet P, has yet to be priced. This tablet will feature two 5.50-inch screens and 4G. The Tablet S is set to release on September 16.
  • Another title in the popular Ratchet & Clank franchise is set to release this October and as always we can expect to see some pretty interesting weapons. This week on the PlayStation Blog, Sony released a trailer showcasing a few more weapons at your disposal. Highlighted in this video are weapons specific to each character in Ratchet & Clank: All for One. Ratchet gets a Dopplebanger to distract enemies, Qwark gets a Quantum Deflector to protect his teammates and run through enemies, Nefarious gets sneaky with his Cloaker, and Clank slows down time and space with the Zoni Ray. Check out the trailer below and for those who want a sneak peak at the game, you can get an early demo with the Blu-Ray release of Zookeeper
  • This week Sony announced a special Uncharted dual pack that will feature UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune and UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves – Game of the Year Edition for only $39.99. If you haven’t played the UNCHARTED series, this is the perfect way to get into this award winning franchise. The GOTY edition contains all the DLC that was released for UC2 and the dual pack will also come with a UNCHARTED 3 PSN Avatar and Dynamic Theme. The dual pack is set to release on September 6. To find out more about this head over to PlayStation Blog.
  • It looks like Sony is coming back from the cyber attacks in April as they have reportedly gained 3 million new users. First reported by technology site CNET, Sony CEO Howard Stringer explained at the IFA electronics show that the PlayStation Network has gained 3 million new users since the outage ended. Sales are also reported as higher than they were before the attack. With the “Welcome Back Program” and free PS+ for a few months, it looks like Sony did an alright job gaining back some fans they might have lost during the outage. Click here to find out more about this announcement.

  • Finally two new games are available for PS3 users. Madden NFL 12 releases it’s yearly football title and while it is sure to sell millions of copies, gamers (including myself) don’t seem too impressed by it. User scores across many websites are much lower than expected and even some high profile critics has criticized the game for lacking any significant improvement from last year’s title. You can read my full review here and see what users thought of it as well in the Best and Worst of Games of August feature. Also releasing this week is The Baconing. This is the second title in the PSN Play program is a continuation in the DeathSpank series. This sci-fi adventure RPG will cost you $14.99 or $11.99 for PS+ users.

This week was a bit of a slow week for PlayStation news but next week will see the release of Resistance 3 and now the UNCHARTED Dual Pack. Let us know what you think of these headlines, and any headlines we missed, in the comments below.

Be sure to come back next week for another PlayStation Week in Review. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out James’ weekly Xbox news roundup for all your Xbox news of the week.

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