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Trophy Guide: Street Fighter III 3rd Strike

Trophy Guide: Street Fighter III 3rd Strike

It’s something of a Capcom tradition to give you hard trophy lists to deal with. Street Fighter III is no different, but there are some serious tools at your disposal. If you follow the tips than you can easily get all but one trophy!



You’re looking at a fairly quick-and-simple 80%, with 100% coming due to some skill. This shouldn’t be taxing on anyone, but the trials might stop some people. I will say even if you can’t beat Gill (arcade boss) on one star,  you can still do some of the hardest tasks with this guide!


Trophy Guide:


The Bitter End

Complete the challenge “The Bitter End.”

I am sure this sounds like quite the taxing event. Be it running out the clock, dual KO, or some other crazy event. Interestingly enough, this just means playing though a tournament. You will need four people, but you don’t have to win or even play if you so desire. Have fun with it, and in the event you lose, just walk away till it’s done.

Big Finish

Complete the first tier of the challenge “Big Finish” in any mode.

If you want to fight Q you have to do this anyways, but the first tier is simply beating someone with a super move. Naturally I always suggest playing as Ryu as his hadouken is easy to pull off and connect. If you need more help see “Mystery Man”.

Sharing is Caring

Complete the challenge “Sharing is Caring.”

Simply upload a video online. You can obtain one from any fight and quality isn’t important. Once you have one, go to replays, select it, upload, and select one of the two options.

Couch Potato

Complete the first tier of the challenge “Couch Potato.”

Invite a friend or get invited to a replay room. Once you watch one replay, the trophy will pop.


Complete the third tier of the challenge “Ex-ceptional” in any mode.

Doing this and “Super Artist” really sucks, because they don’t count across modes. To complete this trophy you will need to just do EX moves which are done by adding another input at the end. Something like half turn (41236) then adding in two punches (LP + MP). They don’t have to connect, but you do have to do a lot of them.

To do this quickly and easily, just make your dip switches easier to pull off the moves. Based off how you set it up then you can spam these moves nonstop and get 50 in a few minutes.

Wax On, Wax Off

Complete the third tier of the challenge “Wax On, Wax Off” in any mode.

You get this for doing a parry, and those are performed one of two ways. For high hits, you need to push forward the second before it hits, and for low hits you crouch right before it hits. This will come by simply mashing given enough time. Remember that each mode has its own counter, so it has to be done completely in one mode.

I strongly suggest using dip switches to make time more lax and going into 1P vs 2P. Input both commands at the same time (forward and a punch on the other controller), and if you do this right, you can get 75 (and the trophy) in 40 seconds.

Super Artist

Complete the third tier of the challenge “Super Artist” in any mode.

Same as the above two, really, and you just need to do so many super moves. I strongly suggest Ryu, but anyone would work fine as you don’t need to connect. Remember like the others each mode has its own counter.

Going Streaking

Complete the second tier of the challenge “Going Streaking” in ranked online mode.

Would it be a Street Fighter trophy list without the “win X games in a row” trophy? Like anything else, there are two ways of doing this trophy, but most people will do the latter.


Pick a fighter you’re good at and don’t lose.


Pick someone powerful like Ken (he’s god tier) and start up ranked matches. Try to win, and trust me, it will be hard, but doable. If you lose the first round, then leave. All the data is on the game save, so you could leave 40 games in a row before getting your fifth win and still get the trophy. JUST DO NOT LOSE PRIOR TO GETTING THE TROPHY.

No matter what method you use, keep in mind the game will freeze before giving you the trophy. Also remember that the game save is locked, so only plus members can make a copy.

Practice Makes Perfect

Complete the challenge “Practice Makes Perfect.”

Another series-staple trophy and is the dreaded trials. You only need to complete 50%, but there is nothing simple like “do a hadouken.” This will boil down to your actual skill and really find characters that are easy. There is currently a glitch that helps a bit.

Start a normal training game, turn on stun, leave, then start your trial. All input trials will allow you to stun (parry/fight, don’t change) and this might seem pointless, but it allows for an extra few seconds to input a move. Note: you only get one stun per combo, so try to make it towards the end so you only have to input one thing.

Here’s a video showing you how much easier it is.

The following characters I found easier to do this with: Akuma, Hugo, Elena, Ibuki, Ken, Oro, Q, Necro, Twleve, Yang.

The following characters I found to be EXTREMELY HARD to accomplish this with: Urien, Sean, Alex.

The final tip to keep in mind is that higher tier does not mean its harder. I found parry eight easier than parry two.

Sticks & Stones

Complete the first tier challenge “Sticks & Stones” in any mode.

This can be extremely annoying! You must win a match by using a taunt… I did this against a bot, but you can always do it to an unmanned player two. I strongly suggest ken’s since I know his does damage and is easy to hit. Get an enemy low on health, spam taunt till they die, enjoy your trophy.

Pocket Full Of Quarters

Complete the challenge “Pocket Full Of Quarters.”

The simplest method will be utilized in getting Q anyways, so if you’re having problems check out “Mystery Man.

Mystery Man

Complete the challenge “Mystery Man.”

If you’re a Street Fighter IV fan than you most likely remember getting specialty bosses. If you’re new to the series, getting Q is similar to a “true end” and simply requires random tasks to be performed. Q is a LOT harder to get than anything in IV, but thanks to dip switches, anyone can do it!

Tasks required:

  • Don’t lose any round.
  • Don’t continue.
  • Get a grade of at least a D or better on every stage.
  • Get 2 or more Special Points. (Get a higher grade than the last round)
  • Get 5 Super Finishes.

Now all you need to do is go across the board and turn all dip switches off, except for super moves. Next just do crouch + Heavy kick (will give you energy hit or miss) till they’re about to die. Finally use a super move and you should average A’s.

The following video shows you how to do it.

I hope this helps and a big thank you to Eternal_Spoon/Gukoff for assisting me in this guide.