Aug 30, 2011

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New DrawRace 2 Trailer and Possible Release Date

New DrawRace 2 Trailer and Possible Release Date YouTube Preview Image

RedLynx announced today that they have set a tentative release date for the upcoming iOS title, DrawRace 2. Along with this news, they also have released the latest trailer that shows off stunning 3D graphics and touch-based gameplay. Expect to see this highly anticipated title early September.

DrawRace 2 improves upon the successful parts of the original DrawRace. The gameplay concept is easy: Using your finger, determine the speed of your car and the path it takes. With enough practice, gamers will be confident in competing for top rank on leaderboards.


  • Unique, touch-based racing controls
  • Gorgeously detailed 3D tracks
  • Realistic car physics with 16 unique cars
  • Massive Single Player Campaign
  • 180 Career Challenges: 60 Races with 3 levels of opponents
  • New Gymkhana skill game
  • 3D ramps, slopes and tilted tracks
  • 5 Distinct Leagues: Stock Car, Formula, Rally, Arctic Rally and V12 Supercars
  • 32 diverse, 3D race tracks
  • Perfect your driving line with new Turbo Boost feature
  • New ‘World League’ provides 4 global showdowns every day
  • Battle your buddies with Friend Challenge
  • Hot seat multiplayer game mode with 2 to 4 cars
  • From the developers of Trials HD and MotoHeroz

After viewing the trailer and all the news that has come out about this title, I got to say that it looks like DrawRace 2 will be a good title for those who enjoy their racing games on the go.

[Source: RedLynx]