Aug 30, 2011

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Insominiac Rewarding Resistance 3 Beta Testers

Insominiac Rewarding Resistance 3 Beta Testers

Today Insomniac Games sent out a email expressing appreciation to anyone that contributed during the Resistance 3 beta. So, from today till the end of the beta (September 4th), playing the beta will get you some nice goodies. The first is R2 SRPA Nathan Hale that will be unlocked from the start of Resistance 3. The next is the announcement of “Classic Hardcore,” which is your standard no-perks game mode. The mode will be there from day 1. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you will gain the amazing NSFW taunt known as the “double bird.” This taunt, pictured below, is the perfect way to cause some havoc and come off like an ass in one epic move.

If you would like to read the full statement it is included below:

After 3 long years the time is almost upon us. Resistance 3 will soon ship to the masses. But before it does we wanted to take this opportunity to thank all you fans. Not only have you given us valuable feedback, but you have supported us and without you, there would be no Insomniac. Never has this been more prevalent than in our Resistance 3 Beta. It has not been the smoothest sailing, but the feedback and help we received from Beta participants has been invaluable.To start we wanted to get everyone back together for one last go at the Beta before launch. We would like as many players as possible to join us and celebrate the conclusion of the Beta and the launch of Resistance 3. We are offering all players (starting August 30th) an exclusive MP skin… R2 SRPA Nathan Hale. All you have to do is jump on the Beta and go a few rounds between August 30th and September 4th. The Hale skin will then be ready for use when you pop in your new copy of R3.

But wait there’s more! While many people love and praise the new direction of Resistance 3’s MP, we also wanted to give a nod to longtime fans. We are announcing a new playlist called *Classic Hardcore*. It’s got all the exciting R3 action minus Berserks and abilities. This is for those players who want to go toe-to-toe without the extras. Classic Hardcore will be available Day 1!

We are not content on ending things there though. We know Resistance fans are a little twisted too. So we have also decided to offer R3 Beta players a special MP taunt to help you gloat in your awesomeness. This taunt is definitely NSFW, so don’t let your mom see.

Again you will have to play the Beta starting August 30th to qualify for these gifts. Just a reminder, starting today the Beta will be open to the public.

And with that we say thank you and ask you to come join us. You ARE the Resistance!

[Source: Insomniac]