Aug 30, 2011

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GameSpot and OnLive Partner to Offer Game Demos

GameSpot and OnLive Partner to Offer Game Demos

While the idea of cloud gaming may still be an easily dismissed notion in today’s industry, the OnLive streaming platform continues to grow and major change may be headed our way. Today GameSpot, one of the biggest video game websites, announced via press release a major partnership with cloud service OnLive. On-demand and instantly playable game demos courtesy of OnLive will now be offered directly through reviews on GameSpot’s website, allowing readers to try out the latest games free of charge as they learn about them. Simon Whitcombe, Vice President of CBS Interactive (which owns GameSpot), had this to say on the announcement:

“For as long as video games have existed, consumers have sought out information that helps them make smart purchases and get the most out of their gaming experience. Now, the next big innovation is here: merging the editorial with the experiential. By making demos available from our review pages, GameSpot is now the ultimate one-stop destination for gamers to read reviews, news, watch videos, and actually try out the latest games.”

A bevy of game demos are already available on GameSpot’s website. These include:

OnLive Vice President of Games John Spinale also expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership:

“By integrating OnLive-powered instant game demos, GameSpot has deepened its user experience and further distinguished itself as a premiere gaming destination. We streamline the process of sampling a game, making it an integral part of discovery and evaluation by the GameSpot reader—not a disjointed one that forces the customer to go down to the store or wait several hours for something to download to their hard drive.”

GameSpot will also be providing game reviews and in-depth interviews to the OnLive platform. OnLive users will notice this content as they browse for the latest games through their apps or OnLive game console, adding an extra layer of information for curious gamers.

This new partnership between GameSpot and OnLive represents a major milestone in the rise of cloud gaming to the mainstream market. In the past, OnLive has been praised for its ease of use, accessibility, and price. However, the service has also been criticized for its unrealistic expectations of Internet speed and for somewhat weaker graphics when compared to their PC or home console counterparts. Offering free game demos right from GameSpot, which reaches a massive audience, is a huge step for the service and may be exactly what it needs to convince users of the value of cloud gaming.

How do you feel about streaming games? Are you planning to try out the OnLive/GameSpot demos? Will cloud gaming eventually overtake disc-based games altogether? Let us know what you think and sound off in the comments below.

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