Aug 29, 2011

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Pink Knight and More Land on XBLA Castle Crashers

Pink Knight and More Land on XBLA Castle Crashers

For a long time Xbox gamers have been irked that PS3 gamers got free dlc and the pink knight early. Several months later, that is no longer the case. A few days ago the Xbox version of Castle Crashers received a title update. This will allow you to download and play as the pink knight for free. In addition to getting her for free, Castle Crashers developer, The Behemoth, will also donate $1.00 per download for the first 50,000 to the Keep A Breast Foundation to raise breast cancer detection and prevention awareness.

Among the many other changes like the 256 glitch being removed; they added the legendardy blacksmith. He is unlocked via a dlc pack for 160 Microsoft points. The blacksmith will allow you to play as a antlered purple knight with many horned frog based antics. The final big update was the addition of avatar rewards. Playing Castle Crashers can unlock a cardinal animal orb and knight helmet.

If you would like to see the other added items and a complete fix list; check out their site included in the source.

[Source: The Behemoth]