Aug 25, 2011

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SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked Available in Stores Nationwide

SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked Available in Stores Nationwide

August 23rd, a day that 3DS owners and fans of the original SMT: Devil Survivor had been looking forward has arrived. With this day, Atlus was happy to announce that copies of the first RPG/SRPG hyriad for the 3DS was readily available on stores’ shelves across North America.

For those still out of the loop in regards of this game, it is the enhanced version of one of 2009′s best RPGs for the DS. Atlus Manager of PR and Sales, Aram Jabbari, states:

Devil Survivor Overclocked is a proven commodity. Enhanced and expanded beyond the award-winning original, its unique hybrid of JRPG and strategy RPG mechanics are as fresh and novel today as ever, while the game’s story, now fully voiced thanks to the vastly increased capacity provided by Nintendo 3DS, carries even more weight and emotion as a result. ¬†Platform owners yearning for a true hardcore experience and genre fans patiently hoping for the system to get its first RPG need not wait any longer–Devil Survivor Overclocked delivers precisely what they crave.”

This title looks to be very promising, even for those who have played the original version when it was released. With that said, who all decided to pick this game up on day one?

[Source: Atlus]