Aug 24, 2011

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UPDATE: Gamestop Removed OnLive Coupons from Deus Ex

UPDATE: Gamestop Removed OnLive Coupons from Deus Ex

UPDATE: Gamestop has issued a formal statement regarding the matter, via Gamasutra:

“We pulled the coupons because, like all retailers, we prefer not to promote our competitors and their competing offerings and services in our stores. Unfortunately, the coupon was packed without our prior knowledge.”

ORIGINAL STORY: Yesterday, OnLive revealed that anyone who purchased a retail PC copy of Deus Ex: Human Evolution would receive a voucher good for a free copy of the OnLive version.  Gamestop, apparently feeling “left out” of this arrangement, ordered all employees to remove said coupons from new copies, repackage them, and sell them as new.

Beth Sharum, a Gamestop PR rep, declined to comment in depth about the issue, but did tell Gamespy the coupons were intentionally removed, “Square Enix packed the competitor’s coupon with our DXHR product without our prior knowledge and we did pull and discard these coupons.”

The value of this coupon is $49.99, since you can purchase Deus Ex: Human Evolution through OnLive for that price, without the coupon.

Considering that Gamestop has recently purchased Impluse (a steam clone, previously owned by IGN), as well as streaming tech company Spawn Labs, this move strikes me as a bit anti-competitive.  It will be interesting to see how this story develops, and Vivid Gamer will keep you up to date, as usual.

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