Aug 17, 2011

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NFL Sunday Ticket Coming to the PS3

NFL Sunday Ticket Coming to the PS3

For many years out of market NFL games were blacked out for many NFL fans but DIRECTV worked up a deal where they could show every game at a premium price via NFL Sunday Ticket. That’s great for DIRECTV  users but everyone else is left without the ability to watch any NFL game they choose, that was until today. Sony announced via the PlayStation Blog that they have worked up a deal with DIRECTV to give both current subscribers and those who don’t have DIRECTV, a way to stream NFL Sunday Ticket.

With this new deal existing DIRECTV customers can pay $50.00 and use the PS3 as a receiver to watch NFL games. Customers who use another cable provider can purchase the full thing for 339.99. Now while that sounds like a lot; It’s actually only a few dollars more than buying it normally and NFL fans now have a way to watch NFL games without having to subscribe to DIRECTV.

If you do choose to buy the service you will get the following items:

  • Up to 14 NFL games every Sunday
  • Full HD for every football game
  • DIRECTV’s Red Zone Channel

We’ll have more information on this new app along with a video tutorial soon.

[Source:PlayStation Blog]