Aug 11, 2011

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Trophy Guide: Galaga Legions DX

Trophy Guide: Galaga Legions DX

After the amazingly addicting Pacman Championship DX, Namco has tried to bring the same magic to another popular series, Galaga, adding in several crazy gameplay mechanics, tons of enemies, and just a pinch of pizazz. Needless to say, this game might be hard for some, but don’t worry, because this guide should help you complete it.



Galaga Legions DX can seem complex and hard, but is actually fairly simple. The whole game boils down to killing exact ships, plus maybe a few bombs, too. The hardest part will be time challenges, as they’re the only ones you can fail for poor shooting. I personally got every trophy without using the alternate fire, so this task is very easy for anyone. The only problem you might encounter is getting down the waves.


Trophy Guide:

Area 1 Clear

Cleared Area 1!

See “True Completionist

Area 2 Clear

Cleared Area 2!

See “True Completionist

Area 3 Clear

Cleared Area 3!

See “True Completionist

Area 4 Clear

Cleared Area 4!

See “True Completionist

Area 5 Clear

Cleared Area 5!

See “True Completionist

Area 6 Clear

Cleared Area 6!

See “True Completionist

Area 7 Clear

Cleared Area 7!

See “True Completionist

Area 8 Clear

Cleared Area 8!

See “True Completionist

Area 9 Clear

Cleared Area 9!

See “True Completionist

Grand Champion

Cleared Championship!

Championship mode is far harder than any of the areas and basically requires you to handle the harder waves. The last wave, for instance, is mostly bosses. Thankfully, you can turn down the difficulty to complete it, but be warned that the difficulties don’t vary much. Achieving this trophy will take some skill, though most should get it on their first try.

Race against Time

Completed all Time Attacks!

Most likely this will be the hardest part for everyone. Basically you will have a small amount of time (around a minute) to complete the stage. There will usually be 10 waves, but more/less will not be uncommon. These stages will boil down to how quickly you can destroy ships and exploit bombs. Most of these should be a piece of cake, but be warned that championship stages are the hardest.

If you need additional assistance on the hardest stage (Championship 5), then check the video below. Please note that while I failed in the video, you will have 32 more seconds than I did.


True Completionist

Cleared all areas on hard difficulty!

This sounds far harder than it really is. Every area has five waves and the final wave lasts for 99 rounds. Now you don’t actually have to win the rounds or even play the game. All you have to do is survive! Every 250,000 points will grant you another life, but I averaged 3,000,000 points so I had plenty of buffers. You should start on hard focusing on bombs. If you can constantly hit bombs, plus focus on the main enemies, you shouldn’t fail. Honestly speaking I did every stage on hard; beating them all on my first try with at least one ship left.