Aug 11, 2011

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Trophy Guide: Comix Zone

Trophy Guide: Comix Zone

There were many classic games on the Genesis, but also many overlooked games. In many opinions, Comix Zone is one of the best games released for the console. As part of the Sega classics series, the game has been ported with some additional features, although some features have been removed. In this guide I’ll explain how to get all the trophies as well as how to beat the game.


This is going to be a brutal game for some, because some situations expect you to have a certain amount of life to survive. These include punch boxes, walls, areas, and many more which take away from your life. If you follow this trophy guide, you SHOULD get 100% in about an hour.

Trophy Guide:

Complete the Game

Rescue Alissa and complete the game.

Talk about a deceptive trophy. Basically, the game has a progress bar for when you finish a level and there is a small final bar. When you fight the end boss, you have a time limit to win. If you manage to kill him prior to the girl drowning, you will get this trophy. This is the “good ending” and accounts for the final 10%; however, you can complete the game without getting the trophy by letting her die.

If you’re having problems saving her, then simply pull the switch to her left. This will drain the water, but can only be pulled when the boss is dead.

Choice is Good

Receive both endings.

As mentioned above, there is a true ending and a bad ending. Basically, make a save at the end boss and try to kill him as fast as possible. If you manage to kill him prior to her dying, make a save, then save her. Once you see the good ending, reload, but let her die.

Points III

Score 50,000 points.

Honestly you should get this before being 2/3rds done. This will come and there’s no “hidden cash” or “boosting method” to score it quickly.

3rd grade

Use a paper airplane.

Believe it or not, this isn’t an item. If you hold down the punch button, Sketch will rip the page, then make one. Once you accomplish this, the trophy will be yours. I strongly suggest you enable rapid fire afterwards.

Note: You can’t get this trophy with rapid fire on.

Points II

Score 30,000 points.

I believe I got this at the end of level one. There should be nothing stopping you from getting this trophy.

Accelerate your hero

Complete episode 3.

This is the game’s final episode, but it’s one of the easier ones to fail. The whole key is avoiding land mines. These will appear as weird grey items on the map. There isn’t really anything special in beating this area except making sure to save before the boss. (Due to the two different endings.)

Just remember the key skills of the game:

  • Save often.
  • Use roadkill (the rat) as much as possible. He will give you secret items and shortcuts.
  • Be careful and play smart.

Buddha says

Complete episode 2.

This one will most likely give you the most issues. There are not a ton of tips I can give you, but here are some that you should keep in mind:

  • In the first or second room there’s a power fist item that roadkill can find.
  • In the third panel there is a bomb. This is used to blow up the three blocks below you. (This will also give you the bomb trophy if you need it.)
  • Go the left path, since there’s a secret room.
  • The secret room is to the right of the small cramped room under the fire-spitting skull.
  • After the stadium, there is a guy blocking your path. Thankfully, there’s a grenade like item that roadkill can find there. Use that to kill him.

The boss here is also very annoying. To beat him fast you need to attack him, but avoid his nails. When he switches sides you can knock him into the wall doing critical damage. It only takes a few items to win.

Unknown territory

Finish the first page.

Simply finish the first area. You might have some problems, but it should be highly straight forward. In the event you’re having issues, use roadkill to find secret items.

Points I

Score 10,000 points.

Like the other point-based trophies, this one is basically impossible to miss. Play the game and, and you should get this trophy on page one (or shortly after).

Orange Bull

Used an ice tea to restore your health.

In the first room you should get a bottle. Pick it up then drink it for the trophy. Much like many other trophies this is impossible to miss.


Use the dynamite.

There will be a weird bomb-looking item at times. This is what you need. If you follow my tips for chapter two, then you will get it there 100%.


Pick up and rescue roadkill.

You will find him in a cage towards the start of the game. If you miss him, then there are many other chances to claim him. Roadkill  is by a wide margin the most useful item in the game. He can tear the comic to give you secret power ups, pull dangerous switches, and most importantly, find shortcuts.